Lions for Lambs earns bad reviews

I was happy to see that even a lot of critics recognize that this is a liberal slanted film to say the least. I doubt many people will find it entertaining. I sure won’t spend my 10$ to see Cruise, Redford and Streep play arm-chair general.

I was watching a review of this trashy film on the news a couple of days ago, and then I turned on one of the classic movie channels, and they were chatting about how the “Greatest Generation” in Hollywood, many in the military and at home true WW2 heroes, responded to the fight against fascism. I am sorry to say that they put a lot of us to shame. Our military men and women are the best in the world, and they keep us all safe and secure, many have paid the ultimate price. They do a tremendously dangerous and thankless job, and they and their loved ones deserve our undying regard and support. I am so deeply disturbed by the way most of today’s Hollywood elite disrespects and even attacks our country and the military. I do notice, however, they have no problem living quite well off the proceeds from this “evil empire”. Pathetic.

Speak for yourself. Why do you feel ashamed?

How would you know?

Nonsense. What they’re doing in Iraq has nothing to with American national security.

A lot of them sign up for the monetary benefits. There’s a word for people like that – mercenaries.

No, they don’t. They volunteered, and they are carrying out an evil foreign policy. They do not deserve our thanks.

I agree. Truly brave people who put their lives on the line. I would never diss our soldiers and pray they can all return home safe.

Whats it about? For some reason the title sounds biblical. Im weary of Tom Cruise though :hmmm:

All I needed to see was Redford’s earnest grimace, Streep’s constipated frown, and Cruise pretending to be a conservative in the trailer to know a liberal screed when I see one. I’ll pass, thank you very much. Beowulf looks infinitely better.

It’s actually not a “liberal screed”. If you actually watch the movie, you’ll find out.:smiley:

My hubby is a enlisted man in the military and he is not well paid, I can assure you. The lowest ranking enlisted people are very much underpaid. All military people are on call twenty-four hours everyday. They don’t get extra pay for getting called in to work additional hours like their civilian counterparts, either.

Every military person that I know believes that they are protecting your right to verbally demean them.

I completely agree with you. You said exactly what I have been thinking. I am so tired Of today’s hollywood elite beeing such jerks.
GREAT POST!!!:thumbsup:

Sounds like they worked hard to earn the reviews. :rolleyes:

You’re a real jerk, you know that?

[sign]Please Don’t Feed the Troll[/sign]

Mr. (or Ms.) American-troops-are-just-evil-mercs is just trying to pick a fight. Don’t take the bait.

And waste my hard-earned money? No thanks.

Besides, I don’t need a bunch of overpaid liberal actors to tell me what I should think about anything.

I avoid all Tom Cruise movies. He doesn’t interest me at all.

Della, you took the words right out of my mouth!:thumbsup:


I am sick of anyone in hollywood telling me how to think. What makes them smarter than the average american? NOTHING except that more people know of them. They should stick to acting and let the rest of us think for ourselves.

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