Lisa is dying

In the thread about “favorite comic strip,” a few of us mentioned we were following Lisa’s battle with cancer in “Funky Winkerbean.” Sadly, she is going to lose that battle soon.

Since I can’t pray for cartoon characters, I am sending up some prayers to all the Lisa’s and Les’s and Summers of the world who are in the same situation – for a peaceful death and the courage to carry on without a loved one.

Yes, I have been following that as well as I can only getting the Sunday paper as this strip runs the story line every day.

I agree, prayers for those in real life in similar circumstances.

Brenda V.

Crazy how it seem so real, isn’t?

I’ve always said that Funky is one of my favorite comics because the characters age, change, mature etc. (as compared to the kids in Family Circus who never grow up). Now, for the very same reason I say I love the strip, I’m mad at it for being so true to what really happens!!

Do you think she’ll find her adopted son before she dies?

I’m sure I’m going to cry when reading that strip - anyone else?


She already did.

You can follow the daily strips at – they run them the day they run in the paper.

If you go to they run them a month behind and are just into the reunion part of the storyline.

Aghhh! I was out of town that week and the local paper didn’t carry Funky!! I thought I had skimmed a few old papers when I got back to see what had advanced on the story line but obviously I missed the biggie!! Thanks for the links.


I gave up reading it - brings back too many bad memories. I watched my father die of cancer and a few years later I took care of my mother at home while she was dying of cancer with very little help from any one. The last month was absolutely unbelievable.

I applaud the story line because it is showing a good bit of what actually happens. Way too many people do not understand or do not want to understand the process. The only way it would be more realistic would be if you added in for several months the fact that many in the medical community don’t want to treat treatable conditions when the person mentions they have cancer, that some cancer specialists only want to deal with those who are likely to survive so that when it becomes apparent that the person is going to die they won’t take your calls, won’t offer any suggestions or help, or even tell you themselves - pawning you off to their p.a. Let’s not forget the downright insulting/demeaning way some of them speak to their patients or claim they can’t understand why a person has nausea and tells them it’s acid reflux. To be truly realistic, Les would have to be jumping up and down to get the doctors, nurses, or anyone to listen to him explain what Lisa is going through.

On the other hand, there’s something nice about have a comic strip that lives up to what they used to be called - the funnies. I have enough of real life with its joys and sadness every day. I’d prefer to laugh when I read a “comic” strip.

have a feeling it will be any day now that she dies. i am a little upset that they are killing off her character but atleast the comic is true to life. I am glad that she found her son and that her got the chance to apologize for his behavior.

The cartoonist has a press release announcing the date that Lisa will pass away. (Yes, very soon.) I won’t post it here (spoiler!) but if you google “Funky Winkerbean,” you’ll find it.

I had a high school acquaintance who passed away from breast cancer about 18 months ago, so this storyline hits too close to home. It’s only a cartoon…but it’s also reality for too many.

My deepest sympathy. I went through that with my mother almost 30 years ago, and last year we lost my father-in-law to cancer at age 95. It’s bad enough to lose a parent or spouse, whether they’re 65 or 95, but in the case of young people like
Lisa, the pain of loss is unimaginable.

Interesting–that’s precisely what Sunday’s FW strip was about–when the funnies were funny.

Tom Bautik is from her ein NE Ohio and the local radio station has an interview of him and some pics about the comic strip.

And there is news about the strip after today’s episode. There’s going to be a big change coming for the strip.

Link here.Watch the video interview.

Hello everyone. I haven’t posted in awhile, and I don’t think I’ve ever posted on this forum, but I’ve been following Lisa and Funky’s saga :crying: . I didn’t see the interview w/ the Tom Bautik about the strip changing, but for the last two days (after the strip w/ the funeral/memorial service), time seems to have jumped ahead. Les is in what appears to be a psychiatrist’s office talking about the immediate aftermath of Lisa’s death. Am I mistaken, or did he (Bautik) do that before? I seem to remember the strip jumping from Funky, Les, Lisa, etc. being in high school to being adults (w/ Les and his former bully-can’t remember the character’s name-now working at the school). Is that right, or did I just quit reading the strip for several years and just don’t remember (not reading it for several years)? :confused: Thanks.

In Christ,


I don’t know if I’ll be elated or get really really mad if it turns out to be some kind of “It was all just a dream” thing!

Anyone know if you can buy collections of the Funky Winkerbean comics (from way back when they were in high school)? Someone years ago gave me the Bloom County ones, but I’d love to have Funky and go back to when Les and Lisa were in high school, then the drama when one of Les’ students got a crush on him and tried to sabotage their relationship (I think Lisa was going to France or something, unless Les asked her to marry him and the student intercepted his letter–this was before e-mail, of course–and then tried to commit suicide when she found out they were going to get married after all)

Sounds like a soap, but I loved it!

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