List for my JW mom on non trinity "christian" faiths


Can anyone help her out? I need a list.

I came up with Mormons, and Islam.

And some kind of “christadelphians”?

Any more?


what about scientology, buddhism… ugh!!!

I can’t believe I’m looking for cults… but to help you out I’m looking for more…


maybe this site will help:


wow. yessian, did you see the first category?

Abusive Churches?

Yeah, I want that list. Oh, maybe I should not be hasty. I could add them in too cuz likely that is the anti trinity list right there!


OOPS! IF I dont get out the door now I will miss confession!

I came up with “Unitarians”?


This makes me so sad, to think that wierdos out there make up these so-called religions and brainwash the good people.

Abusive Churches is what they are… well, not even churches… ABUSIVE CULTS


I would say that out of the non-trinitarian christians faiths you have only a few



Remember, Islam and Buddhism are not Christian faiths. and if your definition is that those who believe that Christ is God, then JW’s and I think mormons too are out.

A lone Raven


Any religion, and I use that word loosely, that does not recognize the Trinitarian God, is NOT christian. Period.
Because by denying the Trinity, they are denying the divinity of Christ.
are not christian.


Well, you could tell her about this

But then again - back to the drawing board. :eek:


If I may ask, why do you want a list for?


So she can do her legwork on finding a “purer” non trinity faith.


Oooh Oooh Oooh (with hand up). I know. I know. Pick me. Pick me.

Seriously, Damascus, please promise that you will keep us updated on how this turns out.


So basically her opposition to Christianity is the Trinity … don’t see how you would benefit her from moving her from JW to mormonism or to Islam …they are pretty much the same … belief in a total apostacy to grant their cult permission to deny all of Christian history and give them permission to start their own religion.
I wouldn’t call it a step forward to the truth rather a step sideways to be honest, same distance away but just from a different location.

The best thing I guess is show Jesus’ divinity from Scripture and historic records and also to get rid of the notion that a total apostacy ever occurred. Well thats what I think

Best of luck



I agree that if they do not hold to the Trinity they are not really Christian. IF you had to choose a non-trinitarian quasi-Christian faith tradition, perhaps the Unitarians or some of the Pentacostal Churches might be an option (although most Pentacostal Churches are Trinitarian of course).


She called me back and said the lady at the reference desk was not helpful and she happened to be wearing a Cross so mom is convinced she was stopping her from finding the truth:rolleyes:

I told her I had a list from the forums here and that she needs to take a look at what we have come up with so far, and not to be hasty but to take it nice and slow.

So then I asked her if the Cross is a biggie for her and she said yep. She wants the JWs but without the disfellowshipping and without the door to door stuff being forced on her.

She wants to be a cafeteria JW basically.


I guess she’s looking for the bible students that dawgfan mentioned then :frowning:

I read through their site, sounds likes what she’d be looking for.



You may be right. At least I can hope that the bible students wont be “pure” enough for her as well, and she will hop around to whatever floats her boat.

Its tough for people that want to be their own magesterium. Hard work and lots of agony along the way.


Yup, I just hope though that one day in her journey she finds the CC and accepts it.


Darn those satanic librarians. The conspiracy is everywhere.


Only if said librarian was eating a samoa and dancing to move it move it.
While burning incesce with a Rosary in her hand…

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