List of Cardinal Electors

Today, 115 cardinals have entered the Conclave to elect Benedict XVI’s successor. The two Cardinal electors who are not participating are Cardinal Julius Riyadi Darmaatmadja, S.J., archbishop emeritus of Jakarta, Indonesia, for health reasons and Cardinal Keith O’Brien, ex-archbishop of Edinburgh, Scotland, for personal reasons.

The article goes on to list the break-down of where the cardinals are from. Then it lists some bio information and it breaks them down into 3 categories:

Order of Bishops
Order of Priests
Order of Deacons

Huh? Can anyone tell me what that means?


Cardinal Bishops, Cardinal Priests, and Cardinal Deacons are divisions of seniority within the College of Cardinals. They are not referring to the degree of sacramental ordination. Almost all of the Cardinals have received the fullness of Holy Orders (ie. they are Bishops), though it is not technically required for a cardinal to receive ordination as a bishop prior to being named a cardinal.

See this link for more details of Cardinal Bishops, Cardinal Priests, and Cardinal Deacons:

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