List of officials who sought to 'unmask' Flynn released: Biden, Comey, Brennan, Clapper and Obama chief of staff among them

And then after a meeting between Comey and President Obama, Strzok intervened and told the FBI that “upstairs” wanted the case kept open.

PaulininVA makes a good point that there is nothing ILLegal about unmasking, and that unmasking isn’t about unmasking an individual person (ie: targeting Flynn) but rather finding out who a foreign agent is talking to.

What is unusual though is the number of unmasking requests in the last years of the Obama administration (a 300% increase), and the people who did the unmasking requests. It’s fishy. May be legitimate, but when added to the totality of the circumstances of how the FBI was being run at the time it stinks.

Andrew McCarthy, likely the most learned author on the subject and a former Assistant United States Attorney , doesn’t think it was the unmasking of Flynn that started Crossfire Razor. He thinks Flynn was framed as a clandestine agent of Russia, so therefore didn’t need to be masked in the first place.

Flynn placed himself subject to blackmail with his actions. An incoming compromised NSA has everything necessary to support an unmasking request. Granted, not for just anyone.

You keep posting this malicious falsehood, so I’ll keep shooting it down.

When asked (by two biased FBI agents, Strzok and Pienka, who were sent on an ambush interview that broke all the rules) if he talked to Kislyak about the sanctions he replied “Not really”.

These two (heavily biased) FBI agents didnt think he was lying. The FBI was going to close the case until “Upstairs” overrode them and forced them to keep it open.

Flynn apparently told the VP that he didn’t talk about sanctions, but then the biased FBI leaked out that he did setting up a media frenzy. Trump was at the beginning of the media “RUSSIA HACKED/STOLE THE ELECTION AND GAVE IT TO TRUMP” frenzy, so Trump fired Flynn.

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