List of Prayers, Saints, and/or Sacramentals?


Hello, I apologize if this is in the wrong category. Long time lurker, first time posting.

I was wondering if there is a complete list of all Catholic prayers? And for Sacramentals and canonized Saints? From what I’ve been able to gather that doesn’t seem to be the case for either, and seems more like there are just a bunch of unfinished lists.

I recall hearing about the inspiring Venerable Carlo Acutis who researched Eucharistic miracles across the globe and compiled them digitally.

I understand that there are prayer books with varying numbers of prayers, but has anyone taken the time to fully list every single prayer/saint/sacramental?

Thank you for your time.

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With respect to prayers, once you account for all the different languages and thousands of years of prayer, I would guess that a collection of them would fill an entire room if not a small library.

With respect to saints, I would guess that the Vatican may have a full list, but there are supposedly like 10,000+ of them. Many of them are very obscure.

With respect to sacramentals, there are a few basic kinds (cross, crucifix, rosary, medal) but I hope you would not be trying to list every single variation in each of those ever made as once again it would probably top 6 figures…


I didn’t really take into consideration prayers in other languages. Thanks for the response!


Nobody would ever presume to make a list of all Catholic prayers, or all possible sacramentals. There are lists of Catholic saints canonized in recent centuries, but not in the early Church, when the process was less formal.

Now, there are books of popular and recommended prayers and sacramentals; and many works on the lives of the saints.


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