List of Protestant Contradicting Doctrines


Does anyone know of a list which compares the differences between Protestant church doctrines? Maybe not necessarily a listing of each individual doctrine, but areas of contradiction?

I’d really like to see a list which states where one Protestant church teaches a doctrine that contradicts a doctrine of another Protestant church. In the book, Unabridged Christianity, it gives such a list but I was wondering if there was a more widely known or web accessible one??

Thanks in advance.


Lets call it differing views on doctrine

Start with TULIP of Calvinism, those who believe in Arminianism contradict all five doctrines.

Covenant Theology vs Dispensationalism

Second Coming systematic theology eschatology

spiritual gifts “sign gifts” cessationism pentecostal charismatic


If you want to see a rather off-the-wall discussion of differences, look at this:

Pastor Gary


Charts of Christian Theology & Doctrine (Paperback)
by Dr. H. Wayne House

Book Description

Charts of Christian Theology and Doctrine provides students of theology with precise and condensed summaries of the concepts and arguments from the fields of theology and doctrine. It does so by introducing readers to important terms and positions and their meanings. The value of this book lies mainly in its use as a handy reference that allows readers to organize and integrate the material learned from other textbooks and in the classroom.


The number and types of doctrines you would be able to use for your list would vary for each denomination of Protestantism.

However, two very common ones immediately come to mind:

“Scripture Alone” vs. the Protestant tradition of which books definitely belong in the canon. Obviously there is no divinely inspired table of contents recognized by either Protestants or Catholics, so they are getting their definitive list of divinely inspired books (a foundational belief) from somewhere other than scripture.

“Scripture Alone” vs. the fact that this is never taught anywhere in scripture.


Here’s one: Wikipedia-Baptism

It has a table (1/3rd way down page) that speaks to the different Christian beliefs on baptism, whether or not infant baptism’s are performed, type of Baptism, formula used, etc.


Didn’t the name “Baptist” come from the fact that they were so particular in how you performed the ritual (always by immersion), but then they also claimed it didn’t have any real power and was only a symbol. If this was the case, why would they be so particular about going through all the motions? :confused:


Exactly! and if it’s only a symbol, why bother doing it at all?


Because Jesus said to do it. If Jesus commanded to do something symbolic, one should still do it.


Do they believe that Jesus would just arbitrarily command something for no reason other than to test their obedience?


I am sure that the Lord is getting a big kick out of this whole forum, who is right who is wrong. Bunch of nonsense. Smile and rejoice cause God loves you whether you are Baptist or Catholic. No one way, all paths lead to the same place. Get over yourselves. :slight_smile:



No. Many believe that it was commanded to be a symbolic rememberance only.


Great, except we aren’t arguing over who God loves.


Do you have anything to back this up, or is it just what you like to think?



[Jn 14:6](“ king lord&Read=Read&FIRST=OK&HV=6”)[ Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. ](“ king lord&Read=Read&FIRST=OK&HV=6”)](“ king lord&Read=Read&FIRST=OK&HV=6”)

The imagery of many paths up the same mountain is Buddhist in origin.


Yes, and Jesus also said narrow is the path, and how few make it… I agree, the “many paths” theology is directly opposed to Christian belief.


Because it was a direct command from Christ:thumbsup: :smiley:


come on people, Let me clarify myself, I meant all that follow Christ…the Savior. Me no Buddhist. :slight_smile:



as a boundry control. To set themselves apart from those who sprinkle or pour. I saw it as a pride thing.



1 Concerning baptism, baptise thus: Having first rehearsed all these things, “baptise, in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,” in running water; 2 but if thou hast no running water, baptise in other water, and if thou canst not in cold, then in warm. 3 But if thou hast neither, **pour water three times on the head **“in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.” 4 And before the baptism let the baptiser and him who is to be baptised fast, and any others who are able. And thou shalt bid him who is to be baptised to fast one or two days before.


Does OT predate buddhist? I think Jesus would likely have Moses on Sinai in mind.

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