List of Protestant Denominations

I once saw someone post a list of many of the protestant denominations that consisted of their names, followed by their founding date and founder name.

It was in regards to which church dates back to furthest, or something like that. Does anyone have a link to that post or simply have the list? Does anyone know what I’m talking about?


No dates, but found this

this is not the original form or list you are speaking of. I am familiar with that list. This list has more of an explanation of each church and who started it and when.

I know what you’re talking about, kind of like this

I think this is it

I remember the first time I saw this list (before I was Catholic) I got tears in my eyes.,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&fp=9699b23bffa1b841

Protestantism used to be known by the relatively small number of “standard” denominations, like Baptists (various groups of baptists), Lutherans (various Lutheran groups), Presbyterians (various different presbyterian bodies), A.M.E., Episcopalians,
Anglicans, Church of Christ, what have you.

Now there are so very, very, very many independent and newcomer groups of protestants that we are way beyond the ability to keep an accurate record of the different protestant groups. And beside the groups (those with say, 25 or more congregations of the same group), there also churches started by every Tom, Dick, and Harry or Harriet or has either a legitimate ministerial ordination, or even mail-order ordinations to the ministry.
Every Tom, Dick and Harry is starting his or her own “church.”
You can never have unity or common discipline in such a situation.

Just about every list that everyone provided was awesome!! I was going to do individual replies, but thought it easier to just do one big THANK YOU to everyone. Thank you all so much for this awesome resource!!

God Bless


A better question, maybe, is what is and is not a Protestant? Does it simply mean non-Roman Catholic?

I could probably take this list and reduce it to fifty.

When it comes to the gospel and wanting to find the true church established by Christ, 50 is still too many.


I don’t know how reliable this is as a guide to the number of denominations - my denomination is listed eight times. Looks to me as if they made the list up from corporate filings.

There used to be a book published called the “Handbook of Denominations”. It was very good with descriptions of the doctrine of each group. It was organized according to theological beliefs and described how each group came to be.

Correction, it’s still available! Link to Amazon

It’s on its 13th edition :D;)

Thought I’d give a bit of an update about tonight’s class.

Yesterday after our first scrutiny, my RCIA instructor informed us the the people who need to be baptized don’t NEED to go to confession prior to Easter Vigil. I said “from what I’ve read, if you haven’t been baptized, then you CAN’T go to confession”. She told me “no, you can go, you just don’t need to because you’re going to be getting baptized.”. Tonight, the assistant pastor was teaching on the Sacrament of Reconciliation. I asked if people who have not been baptized are allowed to go to confession, to which he rightly replied “no, you have to be baptized first”. I asked this as he was wrapping up the night. Within two minutes, the RCIA instructor reminded everyone that we have a night of reconciliation coming up and that “those who are baptized could go to confession, and those who are not baptized have a choice as to whether or not they want to.”

Half the class said a big “NO you cannot”. She was present for Father’s teaching, so it just amazes me that she still said this.


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