List of Saints and Faithful that spoke in tongues

Can any one give me the list of all Catholic Saints that spoke in real tongues?
I heard that St. Padre Pio spoke in real tongues. :wink:

Spoke in “real tongues”? What is that? There is no way to give you a comprehensive list of saints that spoke in tongues. I hope you are joking when you even ask this.

I can name at least 12 apostles at Pentecost, along with 3000 there as well, plus the house of Cornelius, St. Paul, etc. They were are Catholic in every sense of the word, since they were universal.

“Real tongues” would mean existing foreign languages that the person speaking has previously had no exposure to or study of - like if I suddenly started speaking the language of the Navajo Indians perfectly. Like what happened at Pentecost.

There’s another form of ‘speaking in tongues’ where the person isn’t speaking a recognised language in this way. Often they need an ‘interpreter’ to figure out what they’re saying when they do.

I don’t have a list but I believe St. Francix Xavier was given that gift.
Whilst he exercised his zeal in Travancore, God for the first time bestowed upon His servant the gift of tongues. It happened suddenly, before an immense crowd of people who had gathered in some remote area to hear the man whose name had been echoed up and down the coast as far north as Calcutta. As the holy priest opened his mouth to give word to the interpreter, he began to speak in the very Tamilese dialect proper to the audience before him.

Robert Sungenis has an article on this:
Speaking in Tongues A Historical, Psychological, and Biblical Analysis

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