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On the website there is at the bottom of the page a list of saints, further divided into categories such as ‘‘Female saints’’, ‘’ Irish saints’’, Japanese saints’’, ‘‘black saints’’, etc. However, I do not see a classification of ‘‘Italian saints’’. I find this ironic since Italy was the center of Catholicism for almost 2000 years and produced many saints both famous and not very famous plus the majority of religious orders and popes came from Italy. I am not speaking out of prejudice or bigotry but the large list of black saints on the website are on the official Catholic list of saints? Most of these people I do not see on and most seem to come from Alexandria or Carthage which is not considered black Africa. I do not mean to disparage our black brethren and it is good that many Africans are coming into the Catholic church but where is the credit due to Italians? I had e-mailed about this but I didn’t get a response yet.

I don’t know why they don’t feature Italian saints – did you ask them? There’s a Contact Us link at the bottom of the page. Perhaps they feature the ethnic groups that they think will attract the most interest, or rotate them on some schedule.

You’re right that Alexandrians & Carthaginians are not black but Africa is a continent, not a race. St Augustine is just as African as the Ugandan martyrs.

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