List of those who underwent the second dark night?


The dark night of the spirit?

I know a few such as Jesus Christ, and Daniel Livingstone.


Not sure, but I’ve heard it said that Blessed Teresa of Calcutta did. I don’t remember details, I just remember that I loved her all the more learning that.


Yes, that’s a good one.

I know some of the Saints from the Holy Bible did such as Peter and John.

“And calling in the apostles, after they had scourged them, they charged them that they should not speak at all in the name of Jesus. And they dismissed them. And they indeed went from the presence of the council, rejoicing that they were accounted worthy to suffer reproach for the name of Jesus.” (Acts 5:40–41, D-R)

Any more?


Certainly St. John of the Cross, a Spanish Carmelite priest who wrote: “The Dark Night of the Soul” was one. :wink: Many saints have experienced such darkness. St. Therese of Lisieux was one of the more modern ones. Anyone who is called into deep contemplation usually undergoes such trials. What we sometimes think is a dark night isn’t that, but our own psychological/emotion experiences. What the saints who have had this experience of God underwent was strictly spiritual. It didn’t affect their behavior nor their attitude–they weren’t “blue” or “down” but suffering inner spiritual dryness/darkness. I’m not sure I want to go through that. But God knows what is best for each of us–what will draw us close to him.


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