List your favorite new (or old) products here!


Everyone is always looking for the next new thing to make life a little easier. Thought I would make a place for everyone to post their favorite new find, or something they have never found a replacement for.

I’ll start! :smiley:

I was at my mom’s house, and she had this nifty mop from Libman called the Wonder Mop! It is absolutely the best mob I’ve used for light every day mopping. You can even throw the mop heads in the wash!!! And even wet it’s not heavy - which I can totally appreciate for my crummy back.

So - what’s new for you that you just love?



Mr. Clean Magic Eraser!!!

That thing is AMAZING!


Welllll…I am pretty frugal and old-fashioned. When it comes to “new” things around my house most people would get a good chuckle. :blushing: We make a lot of things ourselfs. We always repair (duct tape rocks!) instead of just buying new. But, we DO have two dogs who do a GREAT job with making “designer labels.” :wink:

NOW, having said that my husband’s a computer geek…it’s his job. He knows ALL the latest on computers, electronics, gizmos and gadgets. I don’t even know what most of it is. Now, that’s not to say we HAVE all of those things, but a man can still dream and drool, can’t he? :rolleyes:


I LOVE these things! I was a total skeptic at first, but then I tried them and they really are amazing. I just wonder about inventions like this - the sort of stuff you think, how in the world did they figure THIS one out?



That is exactly what I was going to post when I read this headline. I can’t believe how clean things can get with them. With a magic eraser and a little De-Solv-It (citrus oil cleaner) I have even been able to get black sharpie marker off of my light maple dresser.


I keep hearing about how wondrous those are, but I’ve never used one.

When I clean it’s usually with straight soap and a brillo pad, so I’m probably not the best person to talk about that :smiley: Though Simple Green is also really good.

BlueQ makes a great bath soap with the sort of branding I imagine a lot of people here would appreciate.

And just for giggles, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab has some amazing perfume oils.


You’d appreciate my Dad. Everytime something was broken in our house he’d put a vice grip on it. Except we only had one so he had to repair when something new broke. First it was the handle on the kitchen sink faucet, then it was a door handle, then it was keeping a chair together…


LOL!!! I’ve seen these items in gift shops! Very clever and cute!



Oxi Clean is magical to throw into laundry. Billy Mays is right in all those (annoying) infomercials–it makes your whites whiter and your brights brighter!

We have this horrible well water on campus with all these minerals in it that eventually grays/yellows all my white shirts…but the Oxi Clean definitely helps prevent that, along with getting all kinds of stains out.

Swiffer cloths are great to have in my little dusty old dorm room, too. I love that I can just use them to clean up and then throw them away…the swiffer dusters are fun, too :slight_smile:


DSL, that way I can post and look through CAF faster than dial-up.

BTW, my wife loves the Magic Eraser also!


ST 37 Great antiseptic. Doesn’t hurt or burn. Kids Love It.
Been around for many years. Have to order it from pharmacy, but not a presciption.


Those little packets of sugar-free flavoring that flavor water and adds vitamin c. Wyler’s light orange mixed with a little of the pink lemonade is very good. Better than any soft drink, in my opinion. The wyler’s is much less expensive than the other brands. $5 for 50 packets.


We really should try one of those Magic Eraser doodads, hm…

And seconding the good experience with OxiClean, although for our particular stain-removal needs – black Sharpies are pretty much all we require. :wink: They really do get blacks blacker!

Neosporin with numbing is great as well.


I second this… I love the magic eraser!!


A couple of games that are no longer available except through ebay…

Splat! a game where you manufacture “bugs” with playdoh… and you win by moving around a board and “squishing” the bugs of the other players…

and the best kid/family game is “Jewels in the Attic”. Played once a year at the kid’s bday parties. DW dresses up rooms and plays scary music and the game is played in the dark with flashlights…


The first thing that popped into my head when I read the topic was the Magic Eraser :thumbsup: ! They totally rock! I also could not live without a bunch of the Clorox products - the bleach pens, Clorox Clean-up, and the wipes too! (No, I do not work for Clorox :D)


New product?

I’d go with Mirror Mirror and say High Speed internet is great, but what really makes it worthwhile is the things you can do with it…

Like video cam… I bought one for us and one for Grandma in Illinois… We can then “video conference” and let her see the kids and how much they’ve grown, etc. etc. It’s not 100% reliable at this point with Yahoo, but it works well enough. “The next best thing to being there.”

And with Yahoo voice, I actually have computer calls (no long distance cost) with her, too! That works really good!


Magic eraser tops my list too. It really can clean things that nothing else can. I have this old teapot…I’ve tried everything from steelwool to bleach. Only thing that worked was a magic eraser (they make generic ones now too).


Love the magic eraser too. Awesome for all those little finger and crayon marks on the walls.

2 more products I can add…

Borax-indispensible to me for laundry stains, and I use it in the whites load instead of bleach which I hate using. It gets whites just as white. Baking soda in the wash is a close second.

Murphy’s oil soap- great for cleaning any kind of floor, but I love to use it on my hardwood floors and cabinets and I just think it’s rediculous to change cleaners to do my kitchen/bathroom floors, and it works fine on all of them. I also discovered how well it takes PAINT out of clothing(like Tempra type paint). I discovered this when DD # 1 was in preschool and would come home daily with paint covered clothes. Some Murphy’s rubbed right into the paint then rinsed out with hot water gets it completely out.


Reading about the Murphy’s made me remember this one:

My ex worked in a construction job, he was constantly coming home dirty. I found the best thing to add to the wash water for his jeans and t-shirts to get the grease and dirt out was Lestoil It smells a bit strong, but I would do an extra rinse with softener, and it we fine. And a fantastic spot treatment for soiled dress shirt collars or underarms.

Glad I don’t have to deal with that kind of laundry any more - it was always a challenge to get things clean.


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