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I was browsing the other day and I came across this debate between Michael Voris, president of St. Michael’s media, ( This is a great apostolate btw ) and Protestant radio talk show host Paul Edwards. Its a really interesting debate, in my opinion I think Mr. Voris won this argument.

Heres the link:

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The first half MV could have been stronger, but the second half where Edwards talked about being as holy as the saints in heaven that was just absurd.


it sounded to me like Paul Edwards is somewhat of a calvinist. He stated that we have no free will to choose Jesus or not, and Michael Voris sounded back with asking why do people go to Hell then?and Mr. Edwards said that God sends them there, Edward;s argument was just pure predestination.


You are correct, that is how ti sounded to me as well. It is good that Catholics point out that kind of stuff because I guarantee Edwards wont be telling his audience about those “details”.


The Calvinists’ idea of God reminds me of the guy who grabs your fist and starts smashing it into your face, and then he keeps telling you “Stop hitting yourself!”

Except with God they have him sending random people into hell and tells them “Stop damning yourself!” :smiley:




What is the Catholic viewpoint on sin and salvation?
What is the Protestant viewpoint on sin and salvation?
Could you kind explain.

Adam was not the first human being, he was the first person with whom GodAllahYHWH had a direct conversation, and there were human beings men/woman before Adam and Eve having body and soul like Adam.


how can calvinists say that our God is a God that loves all men, when they turn around and say that God will create ppl soley for the purpose of sending them to hell?


At the end, Edwards said that he might have Voris on the next day. Does anyone know if this occurred? Is there a follow-up debate?


I dont think there was a continuation at least not one posted on St. Michael media. Why would Paul Edwards want a continuation after his argument was shot to ground.

By the way paarsurrey Adam was the first human in existence the word of God says that and our blessed Lord Jesus Christ says that, and I will take his word over yours any day.

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