Listening to Chant from Work - ideas?

Hello all! I like to listen to Chant on my headphones while at work. It helps keep me focused, calm and effective in my job. I hate to admit it, but I am getting a little tired of my gregorian chant YouTube videos that I frequent, because I know them all by heart. I would much rather listen streaming content, but can’t find anything online for it. There is no “Gregorian Chant” channel on or Pandora from what I can find. Does anyone have a recommendation?

Borrow some recordings from the library, or purchase some from amazon etc?

I have a Gregorian chant channel on Pandora. I think I just searched “gregorian chant” to find it.

Have you considered other forms of chant, e.g., Byzantine, to spice things up?

I have Gregorian Chant station on my pandora.

A few things:

-If your local library has a subscription to Naxos Music Library (, you can get access to 70,000+ CDs of classical music (including chant).

-There are online radio stations of Gregorian chant, such as:—Gregorian-Chant-s142218/ or!/search?q=gregorian+chant

-Have you listened to para-Gregorian chants? (i.e.


There are monasteries, like Norcia, that broadcast Gregorian chant podcasts daily (ie, the Liturgy of the Hours). Vatican Radio does this also (although there are different places with different music styles on different days and hours).

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