Listening to Madonna

Is it immoral to listen to Madonna? Whether or not you think she’s tacky, I’ve been a fan for years and years but she exploits anti Catholic imagery and is so very sexually sinful. The Vatican has condemned her. I love her innocent stuff, from the 80s. Can I still consider myself an upstanding Catholic and be a fan of Madonna?

I only ask because I read we should watch what we expose ourselves to because of their pernicious influences.

How does she lead to the virtue of purity? or closer to God? Does she lead others to, or away from, the Church? On the contrary, the vanity, the impurity, the irreverence of religion, and the disdain for godly perfection is the opposite of what we are called to. The choice for God is in the very choosing of purity, of reverence, and in putting no obstacle in the way of supernatural virtue. Now a few songs won’t necessarily be a choice against God, but a life based on her and the base denigration of the dignity of the human person as God intends, seen and heard in her body of work, is not compatible with the saintly life the Church produces.

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I love her innocent stuff, from the 80s.


Like a Virgin (1984)

Like a virgin, oh!
Touched for for the very first time,
Like a viririrgin
With your heartbeat, next to mine.

I stopped listening to her music in the mid-80s, but even then her work was anything but innocent. :p

I see your point. But some of her stuff is so fun. I cut out listening to her raunchy material like Erotica or Justify my Love. But songs like Holiday are about needing a vacation. There's nothing wrong with listening to those type songs, is there?

If you believe there is no risk and the music is not inapropos then you can indulge. However, I think in practice it will be difficult at times to differentiate between appropriate and inappropriate music by the same artist. This may lead to to you slowly subvert your conscience without intending to do so. Also, do you want to support an artist that produces material that is often at odds with Catholic morals?

No, I do not. I haven’t purchased anything of hers since 2008, with her last album and a concert ticket. Obviously I’ve already done this, but I don’t intend to purchase anything anew from her, perhaps only used product that supports the record store rather than her.

I’m getting that the verdict is “no.” I stopped listening to her cold turkey probably a year ago, but for some reason I was really itching to listen to Open Your Heart and the flood gates opened. I’ve been vigilant in keeping guard on what I do listen to/watch of hers though. Mostly ballads and things which have no sexual or anti-Catholic sentiments. Perhaps I should talk to my spiritual director, however embarassed or not I’d feel in admitting I’m a fan!:blush:

She really is the only “pop” artist I like. Despite the catchiness of Katy Perry, I recognize the fallen nature of her material so I do not listen to her. I normally listen to Enya (who is a practising catholic and sings about non-sexual topics) and polyphony (written for the church, so you can’t doubt the morality of it!).

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