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I have a good (non-Catholic) friend who sincerely wants to help me with health issues. She has found great enlightenment with be In health ( It’s not a religion, but certainly religious. I am considering studying some of their materials. Opinions?
(Note: I have yet to find good similar materials on disease/illness/healing and so on from a Catholic viewpoint, with the exception of some rather questionable New Age things.)

ETA: Be in Health™ is an international organization teaching principles that bring healing of relationships and health as well as disease prevention. We offer teachings to unravel the mysteries of disease and reveal pathways to health and wholeness. These teachings are based on scriptural insights and what is observable in the psychiatric and medical sciences.

Be in Health™ is dedicated to helping people by offering insights to why mankind has disease, spiritual roots of disease and blocks to healing. We combine Scriptural insights with cutting edge medical research in Be in Health™.

You can do what you want, but nothing beats saying the rosary and praying to God for help.

If you read the bible you would know the reason mankind has disease it human sin. Thats like old news.

They are a religion, connected to and located at the “Pleasant Valley Church.” Their website says :

“We are a non-denominational church located in Thomaston, Georgia.”

The site details their beliefs and sacraments.

I looked at the books for sale on this sight. They just seem like ordinary health books (there are millions of them out there) - but with a ‘spiritual twist’.

No matter what we do, or what diet we follow, none of us is going to live forever. It’m not saying we shouldn’t try to maintain our health, but it’s better to put our focus on the Lord.

Personally, I would be wary and give the links to your Parish Priest and arrange to speak to him after he has had a chance to read it.

I am no expert but their belief in the sacraments of the Church is odd to say the least.

“We believe in the sacraments of the Church as revealed in the Scriptures:
a. The LORD’s Supper (Communion)
b. Water Baptism
c. Foot washing.”

It seems to my inexperienced eye to lean towards a form of Evangelical Protestantism and whilst there is nothing wrong in listening, I worry about the wording in their literature. It hints to me that they may seek to move people away from their faith to what appears to be their interpretation. Anyone who is suffering is likely to be more vulnerable and you are indeed wise to ask the question on CAF.

I accept that I may be unfair and biased, which is why I suggest seeking advice from your priest and doctor. Plus, hopefully some of our Evangelical and Protestant CAF members will know more about the organisation.

May God bless you abundantly.

Here is a list of Catholic healing books:

I haven’t read them all, but the books by Father Robert de Grandis are excellent. He reminds us of the necessity to forgive others, if not by our feelings, then by an act of the will. Healings of physical, emotional and spiritual causes take place when he leads large groups, and individuals forgive others who have hurt them in various ways. Also, the faith of a mustard seed helps a lot!

The Eucharist, when received with preparation and acts of faith, is a tremendous healing sacrament…as we receive the Risen Christ!

And there are times when people have illnesses that draw them closer to God.

Thanks for the input and links. Especially from Dorothy.

If they don’t contradict the principles of Christianity, I don’t see a reason why not.

I am sure they would have some good insights, but they wouldn’t comprehend about the healing power of the Holy Eucharist. (Christ’s Real Presence).

You are welcome. I might add that I was present at a Healing Mass and the ministry of
Father Robert de Grandis, and it was very powerful in promoting forgiving hearts in the congregation that was there. After that, many felt full relief from various sorts of chronic pain.

Praise be to the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ!

I just remembered…Here is a site where you can click on MP3’s and hear the conferences on healing (also many other subjects) by Father Venard Poslusney, O. Carm. I had the blessing of being able to attend, in person, many of his Days of Prayer that were held on Long Island, NY, where I used to live.

His gatherings were awesome. When I lived on Long Island Father Venard came once a month to the Mercy Hospital grounds in Rockville Center from New Jersey. Many of you would like these tapes that were uploaded to this parish site:

Each talk is about 45 minutes, and they are not professionally done, so they end abruptly.
Father’s special gift was spiritual direction.

Be In Health is not Catholic. I would be very wary of their “spiritual insights.”

A whois search says that the domain name is registered to the following entity.:

Registrant Name: Mike Liu
Registrant Organization: Be in Health, Inc
Registrant Street: 4178 Crest Hwy
Registrant City: Thomaston
Registrant State/Province: GA
Registrant Postal Code: 30286

This is Pleasant Valley Church in Thomaston, Georgia. It is a “Bible Christian” Church, not Catholic. Their website is at Their beliefs are at It is probably Baptist at heart.

I’m not saying they are evil, but they certainly are not Catholic. For one, they will not have the sacrament of Anointing of the Sick. The OP should definitely make use of the sacrament of Anointing.

Here is one of their three hour “Healing sessions” on youtube.

I really wonder why people don’t just trust the sacraments more. I really believe that many neurotics and people who are always in crisis just need to learn to be silent and still and need regular confession. I’m not saying that this is a cure for cancer, but many people who are on the edge emotionally are poster children for the need for confession.


This post is just to point out that TimothyH is not referring to the site I posted in the message before his.

Father Venard is an excellent Catholic priest on the subject of healing.

In fact, at the Masses he celebrated he called for 15 minutes of silence after receiving the Holy Eucharist.

I got it, no confusion. After talking with hubby, I ordered a bunch of Catholic books and CDs from the site Dorothy mentioned, and will not pursue the Be In Health site.

I am not a “novice” with healing stuff, but I have yet to heal myself (or maybe more accurate to say allow God to fully heal me). Something is yet in the way. I have forgiven all those, INCLUDING myself, who have hurt me or failed to be what I hoped/ expected/ needed. I have learned to toss away the guilt (after Confession and absolution if need be).

My friend asked an interesting question this morning. If I were at a party, is there anyone, living or dead, who I would avoid? My off the top of my head answer and my answer after reflection was no. (This indicates to me there is no one I am harboring resentment or unforgiveness towards.)

I’ve done a lot of Scripture study on healing and Christ’s healing, been to healing Masses and so on. But I really think something is in the way, yet. One poster said all illness is a result of sin. Yes, of course, and I am still a sinful person (despite frequenting confession regularly).

One non-Ccatholic Christian once told me I have a curse from 17 generations back. I don’t really know what to make of that, I know the Church accepts/ allows generational stuff like that. (Some of the books I ordered were on that.) But it seems kind of hinky to me…

I’ve had cancer for 12+ years (but am doing really well- I even finished a marathon 2 years ago). But it’s getting worse. I don’t do much with traditional medicine, and actually that choice was made even easier this summer. I went in to see what they had to say or could provide and they said they couldn’t do anything for me, I was going to die. (Well, we all are going to die sometime, but they meant soon. Well that was 6 months ago and I’m still doing well.) Actually they said the same thing 12 years ago. (I also had a baby after that diagnosis, naturally conceived, pregnancy and delivery was easy. I was 48 1/2 when my daughter was born… ; God’s in charge!)

Fear is not much of an issue for me (I know it is in many illnesses). I don’t expect (nor desire) to die soon, but I AM ready to meet my Maker, should He call me home. :slight_smile:
Anyway, I ramble on… your prayers are certainly appreciated. (My name is Kathy.)

Kathy, I will put you on my prayer list.

Thank you!!! What a wonderful site!!! Never seen so much free Catholic audio that you can just download without entering personal information!!!

You are welcome! I received so many insghts, and much spiritual direction from listening to his tapes.

Easter blessings to you!

God bless you Kathy. Illness is a very difficult cross to bear. You are in my prayers.

I listened to some of the Fr. Vernard recordings, they are quite powerful!

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