Listening to Rosary while working


Is it disrespectful to listen to the Rosary as it is being recited by someone else while you work or continue to work and are not audibly or silently participating?


Not at all! I do this also. :slight_smile:


Not disrespectful. Depending on your work, it might make more sense to take a break and say a decade or two rather than working during the rosary, to let your mind focus on spiritual matters entirely and let your mind focus on your work entirely.

My work is very mentally-intensive (statistical research). I pray on my walks and take a pause for a short prayer, otherwise I’m entirely on my work or I find I make mistakes.


I guess I don’t see the point in playing a rosary CD as “background music.” Since I do quite a bit of writing on my job, I can never listen to music with words as it distracts me too much. I would find the rosary terribly distracting and end up neither working nor praying! :frowning:

I agree that a better solution might be to take a break and pray a decade every so often. I certainly don’t think your plan is sinful, or even necessarily disrespectful, just I think not very effective.


Interesting idea. I don’t see anything disrespectful about it.

I recently started praying the rosary along with a CD on my way to work. Not only does it start my day on a good note, it makes it impossible to swear at the idiot who cut me off. :slight_smile:


I do this too! It’s definitely cut down on the swearing during my commute. :blush:


I have a bunch of lighthouse media cd’s at work as well as the NT on cd. Need to pop them in more often.

I like to listen to Catholic radio during commute, but it doesn’t always hold me from being angry at bad drivers.


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