Listening to songs with cuss words?

Is it a sin? If so, is it venial or mortal

I don’t think so (but I defer to smarter folks than me here) Unless you are under orders from your parents or other superiors that you aren’t to listen to it, then the problem would be you disobeying your parents, not necessarily the music itself.

I don’t think “cuss” words are inherently bad. I mean, if you are letting off a barrage of F bombs to someone, that’s not very nice. But if they are in a song for artistic purposes I think it’s alright. Sometimes you just need some colorful language to get a point across.

You should have been more callculated in your question.

If you listen to cuss words and it has no effect on you, fine, but if these cuss words lead youi into sin I would say to STOP listening to them.

If the vulgarity is so great and mention God, than it would be a sin.

If you can deal with it, fine.

You should have given some examples of the cuss words they use, otherwise, it is a problematic situation.

It is not a sin but, spiritually speaking, it is not a very wise thing to do as there is danger lurking there. Depending on the words, one could easily be led to sin listening to that kind of music. It is always advisable to avoid anything that might lead one to sin, what the Church terms “occasion of sin”. :slight_smile:

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