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A few weeks ago I was having a hard time making a decision and I prayed to the Holy Spirit asking for guidance and I immediately felt that I knew what the answer was. Today I started having doubting feelings about weather my decision was the right one so I prayed again, and this time I didn't feel anything telling me what the answer was. So, what's going on? Is God not answering because he already answered me once and wants me to trust him?


We all struggle with knowing His leading. One thing that is hard for everyone is living by “feelings”. You simply can’t always trust them, however that is not to say they can be discounted. Depending on the request I have sometimes asked Him to confirm the decision by hearing the witness of 3 people. (kind of like the “fleece” spoken of in the old testament) Again, I don’t use that all the time in every instance. I don’t know your request but sometimes we need to continue in prayer and yes, trust Him. Whatever your request ,remember that the Holy Spirit would never direct you toward anything against His will as revealed through His Sacred Word and if you are Catholic, the teaching of your church, that you can be sure of. I will pray for you.

In Him,


It's very hard. The thing is, when it's the Holy Spirit, you will know deep down that it is. And your doubts will be either you making excuses or temptations.

You have to trust God! I have issues with this too, because I'm a very proud control freak :rolleyes: and when God tells you to do something it's really hard.

Another way to help you grow in discernment is to reflect back, later, on what comes of this. Most of the time when God wants you to do something, some miraculous, unexpected side effect will have happened (well, it's really just what God was planning in the first place, He just doesn't tell us these things:)).

Also it's best to look to God as your Father, and the Blessed Virgin Mary as your mother, that sort of thing. This helps you figure out what to do more, and only intensifies your joy when God's mysterious plan worked, and you were a part of it. Often such important experiences change us, just like a Dad who knows what's best for His children and, if we say yes to Him, will shape us into the person He wants us to be. (And that's another thing, if God is telling you to do something, it's typically important and very difficult for you to do. God has more faith in us than we do in ourselves :heaven:)

God Bless! I hope this helps.
Love, Ljubim


Now that i’ve had time to think, maybe God is wants me to learn the same thing he wante Gideon to learn with the fleece?


Take the situation to a spiritual director, mentor or priest, describe what happened and the decision you're trying to make, and listen to their guidance. God often speaks to us through the people around us, not only through our private hearing. He especially speaks to us through the Church and the Scripture. So make use of all the means He has provided.

Proverbs 13:20 says, "he who walks with the wise becomes wise." Elisha followed Elijah and so was enabled to take his mantle and inherit twice his spirit when he rose to Heaven. The apostles followed Jesus and so became Christlike. Find some wise people around you who are knowledgeable about this kind of matter and ask them for advice, all the while continuing to pray for God's guidance.


I think I’m beginning to realize what’s going on. Since I think I already kinda knew the answer in my heart, God felt there was no need to tell me again because he wanted me to have trust in him. Anyone else agree?


Sorry, there’s no way we could say yes or no, you’ve got to go with your gut :slight_smile:

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