Listening to the Lord's Calling

It has been 6-7 years since I have felt the call to be a nun. I really want to pursue it. I am afraid my family will laugh. My best friend thought I was being dramatic. The more I think about it the more I will do it. I feel like that is a safe place to take my faith seriously. They have many reasons to not take me seriously. For one, I AM VERY BOY-CRAZY AND VAIN. I do not usually follow through with things. I have the most sexual experience from my sister’s but for secular standards I am innocent. I have managed to maintain my virginity. What are the best prayers for discernment? What if this is another one of my dramatic phases? I do not know. I am scared to pursue it. The standards for Godly behavior is high and I think I will not be able to achieve my full potential living in a secular community. It is SO easy to downplay or become blind to sin when others around you could care less. Or too feel content with yourself if you are not as bad as most people are.

LOL’s. You made me laugh! Do you think that nuns are not vain? they are human, after all. And boy crazy? There is a difference between boy crazy and man crazy. If you admire a person, but do not commit yourself to mortal sin, but have good spiritual AND physical desipline you have already made a pretty good step in the right direction.

Know that there is a difference between a NUN and a Sister. A nun is most usually cloistered or behind the wall, whereas a Sister is more secular and tends to have her feet planted on both sides; as a semi-cloistered or “working” Sister who does teaching, nursing/medial, social, administrative, but still maintains a prayer life.

Just remember…you must love the Lord and be willing to do His bidding.

I suggest that you find a Spiritual Director or someone in the Church to help you understand find your way. Peace and Prayers.

Love your username. Is Pelagia an inspiration to you?

You’ve not stated what kind of religious life you’re being attracted to. Active or cloistered? Or eremitical? Secular institute?

I can give you the link for our organization: However, I am not a spiritual director, and can only refer you to your diocesan vocations director. The support groups we offer are just that – support, not direction. Generally speaking, you are talking about becoming a more pronounced sign of Christ in the world, and you have to let Him guide you to where He wants you. Purity of heart, and developing childlike docility, yet able to have the initiative where necessary is usually what’s called for. Deeper into spirituality, always deeper. Practice silence within and without, especially of racing thoughts. You’re also aiming for your soul to be still waters under the gaze of God. Let nothing disturb you.


I think your comment is key - pray!
Also, other advice you’ve received here - a spiritual director (or your local pastor)
I found that very helpful in my vocational journey.

Two resources I’d encourage you to explore to find out more about the life of sisters and different communities are:
The first is a resource from a wonderful organization of communities of sisters in the US.
The second is a blog I have for our own community that shares reflections from our life of faith as sisters.
God bless you in your journey. I’m praying for you
Sr. Christina

I think I’m right in saying that a lot of women - and men - feel this way at one point. (I feel like this now and again myself). What I do is something simple - I pray. And read. I pray, asking for guidance from God himself. I listen to him intently, waiting for him to answer. I also read. I mostly conduct a quick Google search on nun life and servitude and I normally just follow the links until I find something that suits my desires and needs.

Trust me in saying this; you’re not alone. I highly recommend you to continue praying and to read and research more on servitude. These both suggestions will help you with your choice :slight_smile:

yes St. Pelagia the penitent is one of my favorite saints

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