Lists of Books; List of Movies

Does anyone know of a list of recommended novels by the vatican? I saw on a Google search where there was a recommended list of 100 movies. Are these valid?


The Vatican has issued a list of 45 films, which all show exemplary footage of Religious, Ethical/Moral and Artistry. I’ve seen about half of the films on the list, and except for one (Francesco), I can say that they’re all worthwhile collections to anybody’s DVD library. This was a few years before “The Passion of the Christ”, which the late Pope John Paul II also enjoyed.

The 100 movie list was probably put out by Catholic Faith & Family, which issued an independent poll. The movie “Therese” nearly made the top 10, and it hadn’t been released at the time of the polling… which goes to show how accurate the list was. There was a lot of politicking that, in my mind, marred that list.

I am not aware of any Vatican 100 Book list. Of course, I suspect that JRR Tolkien, CS Lewis, Evelyn Waugh, Flannery O’Connor, Walker Percy, Thomas Merton, Graham Greene, and “Canticle of Liebowitz” would make the list. Time is too early to see if Michael O’Brien would make it as well.

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