Litaniæ sanctorum

Hey everyone! I was wondering if any of you great people would be able to help me find a PDF file with the Litaniæ sanctorum in Gregorian Chant form. I am the music director at my parish, and I am planning for All Saints day… Thanks in advance! God Bless!

I can’t help you out. I just posted to say, your the music director for your parish at the age of 14?! Incredible…

If you click here and download the pdf Graduale it is on pgs 276-277 (it is at the Easter Vigil so it is divided into two. The chant Sicut cervus does not belong to the litany. ) In chant notation

You will find one in modern notation from the Liber Usualis here (pg 10- and not separated)

A chant notation Liber can be found here and you can look under either the Rogation processions or under the Easter Vigil.

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