Litanies at Parish Basketball Night


Is it allowable for a group of lay persons to recite a litany (for example, Litany of the Sacred Heart or the Holy Name of Jesus) with one lay person leading and the other lay people saying the responses? Or are litanies restricted to ordained?

Also, would it be appropriate to recite a litany during a parish mens' basketball night? Or would this be disrespectful given that everyone is wearing athletic clothes, its in a gym, and everyone is sweating?

Any suggestions for prayer during a break half way through the basketball night?


It is not necessary for a member of the clergy to iniate or recite a Litany with the laity. Any group of people may pray a Litany at any time in any place.
Likewise, I don't think it is disrespectful to say organized prayers in an athletic situation.G*d really doesn't care how you are dressed when you pray to him. What is important is that you are praying to Him and that you are respectful while praying.


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