Litany of The Precious Blood- does "save us" take away from the person praying it being covered by Blood?

Since I really need it badly, I’d like to change “Blood of Christ… save us” to “Blood of Christ… save me” UNLESS I can still get significant help by praying the former. How does this work?

No need to change it, you are included in “us.”


Ok. In the Litany of Saints do the saints pay special attention to the person saying “pray for us”? Is it selfish to make a personal litany of saints where it’s just “pray for me”?

I don’t know, but why wouldn’t you want to pray for others as well? It does sound rather selfish to say me instead of us.

Because when I’m in distress I need all the prayers I can get. I can pray for “us” at another time.

Saying us is not taking away from you though.

Ok, that’s what I was worried about.

If I stub my toe and it swells up, the natural thing to do is to ask a saint to pray for me instead of us, being that nobody else has a swollen toe that I know of. So if I’m in distress about my mental health it feels awkward to say pray for us.

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