Litany of the Sacred Heart of Jesus


Does anyone have a recording or the music for the Litany of the SHJ in Latin?

I can sing it ( done it many times) BUT DON’T ASK ME THE NOTES!

I have no idea.


not sure if this what you are looking for youtube links


I saw this already. Thanks anyways.

Now it is the solemn sing of it that I look for.

This is just a funny recitation of it.

Thanks again.


It’s in the Liber Usualis, which is posted online here:

It’s a big, I mean, really big pdf so you might want to save it to your hardrive first. Either scroll down to page 1877 in the Liber or open the bookmarks and the left and look for Appendix I near the bottom, open it , and you’ll see a link to the Sacred Heart section.

Or press Shift+Ctrl+N and type 2121 in the box.

Sorry, I wish I knew how to link directly to that page but I don’t now how. It’s in chant notation. In case you don’t know how to read it there is a fairly short lesson (another pdf file) here:

Hope this helps!


Thanks alot. This is what I was looking for.

I know how to read it, I just didn’t have it. All by ear.

Which is no good if you want to train your ear with an organ, because you don’t have the original tone.

Thanks again.


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