Literacy to help explain the importance of chastity


Can anyone tell me if there is any good reading material on the internet explaining about becoming chaste particularly when you have been living with someone and have a sexual relationship with them?


What Women Never Hear blog
It is not religious but lots of good practical advice. Go to the contents page and look at the links title “virtual virginity”


Thanks Violet for the post, I will take look at it.


Go to There must be much good material there. Jason Evert(Not sure of the last name.) has given many lectures on chastity – in a very personable way. See if you can download, or purchase, some of his DVDs. They are wonderfully knowledgeable and entertaining.


Thanks Waiting, I have just looked on the ewtn website and found him.


Jason and Christalina Evert have their own website,

The US Catholic Bishops also have a website with information, including information for dating, engaged, or cohabiting couples:


Thank 1ke for the sites.


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