Literally in tears about Most Holy Eucharist

and often,there will be Catholics sitting in the pews that do not go up to receive for this very reason

**Not often enough!

I didnt know that there were any Latin parishes that would receive converts outside of the Easter Vigil and ditto for RCIA . I think they should be willing to accept inquirers at anytime..There certainly arent any in my neck of the woods, but then my neck of the woods is pretty rural so your choices would be limited unless you want to travel an hour or more.

You are not wrong, or offensive, and only God can judge you if you die today. You are not ‘unworthy’ and the church doesn’t see you that way. But communion means just that, being in communion with the church. Meaning you must go through rcia to come into the church and be in communion with her before you receive the sacraments.

Although Jesus loved everyone and was open to all, He did put conditions on being a part of the body of Christ. And often people walked away from Him because they couldn’t understand or comply with those conditions. And Jesus let them go.

When I cam back to the church, I had to wait 6 months in order to receive the sacraments while my wife’s first marriage was annuled and our marriage was blessed. I feel your anguish with not receiving Christ in the Eucharist, and it killed me to wait that long. I considered leaving the church. But I believed it was Christ’s true church and where I needed to be. When it all came together and I was able to receive finally, it was a great blessing.

rturner76 as a fellow convert just wanted to give you some words of encouragement. I waited a whole year before starting RCIA myself (I will be entering the Church this Easter (2011)). Sometimes it was very hard for me because I had given myself over to God but I was not allowed to share in the Eucharist. Looking back now I realize that even though I thought I was ready I really wasn’t. One of the things that got me through was getting involved in other ways, I sang in the choir and on a few occasions was a lector (This was at a university so I’m not sure if things are different at your parish). By participating as fully as possibly in and focusing on what I could do at Mass made it easier to deal with what I couldn’t yet do (Communion). Please don’t give up! And trust me that time will fly by!
As for your question about going to Hell I would suggest you look up the belief of Baptism of Desire. I can’t really explain it all that well myself but I believe that it will answer your question about going to Hell.
If you need someone to talk to feel free to send me a message!
God Bless!

Mine is the same. I thought this was standard?

Ours is the same way. But maybe some larger parishes have more resources? Ours has neither resources or the room to put a year round group. Last year I couldn’t wait for September to start…especially watching everyone at the Easter Vigil…and now it’s here…even with Easter being so late this year!

My parish had separate groups for RCIA, Profession of Faith (the already baptized), and Adult Confirmation. RCIA goes from September to Easter. Profession of Faith lasts for about 3 months, ending just before Advent or the Easter Vigil. Adult Confirmation lasts about a month and a half, ending at the same time as PoF.

So yes, it is possible to find separate classes, but I do think we are fairly unusual. :shrug:

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