Literally zero spectators at joint Biden-Harris campaign appearance in Arizona

Yes Covid has provided a lot of cover for JB.

Covid seems to be winning the election.

What you are attempting to describe is a secret event, not a private event. It was a private event in the sense that the general public was neither expected nor invited. Despite your assumptions about how they would have arranged for transportation that included a public motorcade, that just didn’t happen. The whole point of the fake news OP was that it was an embarrassment for the Biden campaign, when in fact it was only an embarrassment for LifeSiteNews who tried to paint it differently.

I suspect that some of the responses here are intended only to keep the thread title near the top in World News.


You’d think the Biden-bashers would at least have something real to go after him about. But apparently not, if they have to make up stuff like this.

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I disagree.

Of course it’s beyond reason that the Biden camp just doesn’t want to endanger supporters like trump does with rallies…

That couldn’t possibly be it.

You’re right. /s

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The “tour of businesses” suggest otherwise. How did they picture that concretely? Big motorcade flying down the street; Biden pops his head inside a business building, says “hi”, pops back out, gets in the limousine and takes off without the public having a clue that there is a big political event going on?

No, they expected more than that. We’ll never know how much more.

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How many people caught Covid at a Trump rally? Reliable sources please. And was Biden not going to get within 12 feet of anybody when visiting inside a business establishment? Were the Secret Service going to maintain “social distancing” not only from Biden but from other employees?

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Or how much less. It is amazing how much is being just assumed because it makes a better story.

It’s not much of an assumption to assume that a “tour of businesses” would be a fairly public affair, and would be known about well in advance. The motorcade didn’t just show up at some business unannounced. I don’t know that one could call that a “rally” since it would be a moving thing. But it most certainly wasn’t anywhere remotely near “private”.

We know exactly what was “expected.” Some people just prefer to go after him about nonsense than about actual policy or actions.
Sad! Bigly!

No we don’t. The media characterization minimizes it as less than what it was. Biden can have whatever kinds of events he prefers. I don’t care about that. What does irritate me is the mischaracterization the liberal media gives everything.

Not relevant.

Attending a rally, specifically Trump rallies, where distancing and masks aren’t enforced is objectively higher risk than not doing so.

As well, these rally-goers may not become symptomatic, but could still act as vectors for others.

That’s just facts my friend.

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But you didn’t answer the question. How many people caught Covid at a Trump rally? Surely the left has put together a study on that if there’s anything to know.

No, just your opinion.


As I said, it was not secret, so of course it was known in advance. But neither was it anything to which the public was invited or expected to show up that would justify the OP article by LifeSiteNews. But then we have come to expect misleading headlines from LifeSite, so perhaps it should not be a surprise.

I don’t know about rallys, since records are not kept of attendees health. But we do know that Trump’s superspreader event celebrating the nomination of Judge Barrett, resulted in at least 34 new infections. This was at the same time that the Trump administration blocked the CDC from recommending that masks be mandatory in any setting whatsoever. Way to go Trump! Hold a gathering of 150 people where there was little social distancing or mask use, and land Gov. Christie in the ICU for 7 days. Gov. Christie now says that it was mistake for people at that gathering not to wear masks and take other measures.


". . . pointed to the small attendance of “10 or 15 people” seen at Biden rallies"

The Biden campaign can’t even get the fifty people they pretend to want there.


Lara Trump Slams Biden Rally Attendance — ‘We Can All Very Clearly See Where the Enthusiasm Is’


16 Oct 2020

Trump campaign surrogate Lara Trump on Friday contrasted the differences between the enthusiasm for 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and the GOP’s President Donald Trump.

Trump on Fox Business Network’s “Varney & Company” pointed to the small attendance of “10 or 15 people” seen at Biden rallies “versus the tens of thousands that show up for a Trump rally.” She argued that shows “clearly” where the “enthusiasm is.” . . .

. . . With Joe Biden though, I mean, Stuart, we all see the rallies, and I use that term very loosely for the Joe Biden events because there are, like, 10 or 15 people that come to these things versus the tens of thousands that show up for a Trump rally.”

“I go out on the road, I was in Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina this week. I’m just the president’s daughter-in-law, and I get hundreds of people coming to the events that I do,” she added. “We can all very clearly see where the enthusiasm is. And I think whenever you see the lines — my mom actually is voting right now in North Carolina, she’s waiting in line, and she said she’s been waiting for about half an hour. Do you think Trump voters are going to get out of that line, or people that are there and they’re like, ‘Ugh, I’ve been waiting in line for an hour to vote for Joe Biden.’ Trump voters are going to stay in that line, I truly believe it. Biden voters might take a hike.”

To the readers here. This is WHY Biden cannot hold rallys (and has to fabricate names like “events” [he can’t call them “rallys” when 10-15 people show up can he?] or pretend he doesn’t want people to attend.

Joe Biden RALLY for Latinos BL0WN AWAY by Latinos for Trump :joy::joy::joy:



Biden did the same thing when Obama wouldn’t endorse him either. He said he didn’t want that endorsement (at least at the time).

Hardly anybody supports Biden. Biden couldn’t win a Democrat primary, until the party leaders decided to run him.

The Biden “supporters” are just leftist anti-Trumpers.

They would vote for anyone over a Republican.

Biden inspires nobody.

Leftist ideas cannot win. That is part of
WHY they keep pivoting to and appealing to their Trump-hate.

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