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My personal website is entirely free access and has no ads. I sell nothing, though I occasionally recommend or review books that one may purchase if so inclined. I never personally benefit in those rare instances.

Some of you here were kind enough to either read my short story, concerning my Catholic school days, “Pride’s Prison,” or at least investigate it. At my website, I also write literary reviews, mostly of short internet stories. So if any reading here has an interest in either reading such literature or in having your own short fiction published, then you might find them interesting. In almost all cases, I review the internet magazine (“zine”) as well as stories from them. Therefore, if there are any aspiring writers here I offer reviews of over thirty markets for you to investigate. Some are paying markets, while others just offer editorship and exposure. Even those that don’t offer payment often reject up to ninety percent of submissions.

Although I will not review material that is particularly raunchy, I am almost (sadly) forced to review many stories which contain profanity, something I am always raging against in the course of my reviews. Some zines are more conservative than others in regard to this.

If anyone here is a college student or knows one, my latest review might be of interest to you. It’s a departure form my usual reviews of online literature. It’s a review of a print anthology edited by a college writing teacher who has started an anthology series featuring the works of writers attending college. Here is the URL:

Also, I sometimes write about miscellaneous topics. Since this category on CA includes humor, here is the URL for five amusing anecdotes from my life, should anyone be interested:

These are short and fast reading.


Don Schneider

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