Lithium and a Prayer: A Few Thoughts on Mental Illness, Medication, and Spirituality

Two weeks ago spiritually-minded people from across the country flocked to Hot Springs, NC for the 2015 Wild Goose Festival. The Wild Goose Festival is a progressive Christian festival celebrating art, justice, and spirituality.

One of the talks was given by Sarah Lund, author of “Blessed Are the Crazy,” and David Hosey, Associate Chaplain for the United Methodist Protestant Community at American University in Washington, DC. Their presentation, entitled “Christ on the Psych Ward,” explored the intersection of mental illness with Christian spirituality. This was one of the first times the topic of mental illness had been addressed at Wild Goose.


Good stuff. You christians are fortunate to have such people.

Thanks for posting the article. Lots of good thoughts in it. I do believe it would be wonderful if more could be done to help those struggling with mental illness also address spiritual and religious concerns unique to their illnesses.


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