Little boy needs your prayers


Could you please pray for my friend’s little brother? He is about 3 years old and he has a terminal genetic disease. He is the sweetest little boy.

Thank you. God Bless.


Praying for this little child of God. :gopray2:


I’m praying also.


Jeanne, how very sad.

Please have compassion on this family Jesus.

Please give strength and comfort to this family.

Jeanne I hardly know what to say, but I will be praying for this family.

Love, Trishie


Praying very hard for a miracle for this precious child!


Thanks for the prayers, everyone. The disease he has dosen’t have a known cure. He comes from a good faith-filled family.


Dearest Father God,

You who created this precious little boy in his Mom’s womb know exactly the special needs he has, as well as the needs of his family. We come before you Father, on this early morning to ask you to illuminate the minds of the doctors and all those giving care to this precious life. You alone know of his condition and particular needs. You alone have set beside him at this very hour of need, Mary, your most holy Mother. In complete faith, Father God, we beseech you, for complete healing for this little boy and wellness for he and his family. Attend to their cries Oh Lord, and bestow on them your merciful blessings and protection! We ask always through the healing blood of your divine Son, Jesus. Amen


My prayers for this little boy to have a miracle cure …Nothing is impossible for the greatest of healers…Lord, let a cure be known. Help guide all the doctors in this childs care. …I pray that all anxiety is taken from this family and replaced by peace…May God watch over each and everyone of them…In Jesus Name We Pray…Amen…warmly, LynneMarie


LORD Jesus
Heal ur Son


Praying For This Little Boy
Grandma Glor


Prayers promised


Dear Jesus,

Please lift up this little boy and his family. Hold them in your arms and comfort them. Heal them all according to your will. We ask for a miracle in his young life. May we all accept your will in our lives and proceed with faithfulness to our salvation. Amen


Still praying very hard for a miracle for this precious child!


Praying for this little one.


Still praying for this child to be healed…Amen…Warmly, LynneMarie


May His Loving Hands heal this sweet little boy.


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