Little Cajun Saint


Has anyone ever heard of Charlene Marie Richard? She is called the little Cajun saint. I don’t think she is really considered a saint by the Catholic church, but I’m not sure what that process(?) is. Anyway, her grave is about a mile from my church, and I wondered if anyone had heard of her. Also, are there any local “saints” where you are from?


not heard of her until now, but I said a prayer–what a wonderful little girl.


Yes, I’m from Carencro, La. so I have heard of Charlene. Her tomb at St. Edwards cemetery in Richard has become sort of a shrine. I was introduced to her story years ago and was able to visit her tomb myself. But, I didn’t realize that now some 10,000 or so are going there every year. I would imagine that steps are in the making to get her beatified. She certainly was a remarkable girl.


While we’re on the topic, I would also like to point out another shrine in Cajunland; this one at the Convent of the Sacred Heart in Grand Coteau, La. Apparitions of Blessed John Berchmans to the very ill Mary Wilson and her subsequent healing led to his canonization as St. John Berchmans. Since Carencro is only about 6 miles from Grand Coteau, I have been there numerous times. The shrine to St. John Berchmans (in the Convent) is truly a place of pilgrimage.


I didn’t know about the Little Cajun Saint.

Here is one of the Catholic Canonized Saints who were executed in a very brutal method:

Andrew Trong Van Tram: beheaded in 1835 in Hue, Vietnam; his mother knelt beside the executioner’s block to catch his severed head as it fell.

To see how each of the Vietnamese Martyrs killed, click on their link and read how they died:


 Christian concept of offering pain and suffering as a prayer for the benefit of others. 

is there a special prayer for this?thx.


I haven’t heard of her before, but in reading the link provided I thought it was cool that MY Archbishop, Harry Flynn was the celebrant at the Mass said at the 30th anniversary of her death.

Interesting little saint to follow!

In Christ

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