Little girl been sick!


Hi everyone, I thought I ask you all to pray for my little girl, Mariana. She is 7 years old and has been sick for three weeks with stomach aches. I did take her, when this all started with fever, to the doctor and she said it was a virus. She continue to complain of not “feeling good” and stomach aches. It is as if she has spasm for it comes and goes. She cries at times to sleep for it hurts her before bedtime. I finally took her again to the doctors, for her teachers were saying that she was choosing not to play at recess but sit down and watch the others. I took her yesterday and saw the same doctor and this time she ordered an abdominal x-ray. I wouldn’t be concern except that after the x-ray today for the most part they tell you to go home and your doctor will call you with the results. They did not tell me that but told me to please have a seat in their waiting area until the radiologist can call the pediatrician. They had me wait for another 40 minutes. They finally came out and told me that my daughters pediatrician would like to talk to me and would be calling me and to go home.

It is now 7pm and no call from the pediatrician. I hope that means that it is not serious and they will call me tomorrow. I would have called, but they closed for the day when I got home and the doctor who saw her and has the results is not on call tonight. I have to wait unitil tomorrow, but I figure it would not hurt to ask all of you to pray that there is nothing seriously wrong with her. When I saw the pediatrician in the office, she said it could be an ulcer in her stomach or severe constipation problems. I never thought of her as being severely constipated. I do have to watch her and give her a natural laxative for kids every so often.

Your prayers would be appreciated. Thanks so much ahead of time.


I have said a prayer for you. Try not to jump to any conclusions, althought im sure waiting is very troubling!!


I am trying not to. I guess if it was something that we needed to know tonight, our daughter’s doctor would have called.


true. Please let us know how it turns out! God Bless


:gopray: Prayers for Mariana. Please let us know how everything goes!


Try not to worry to much because if it was serious then she would have called you already. Try not to give her laxatives she is still very young. The reason I say this is because I work for the Health Dept and my bosses is a doctor and he says to me that I should give my kids natural stuff e.g. prunes, prune juice, or cereal that has brain in it even yoghurt with bran in it.

But I will keep you in my prayers and try not to stress to much.


Thanks to all of you for your prayers. I had to call the doctor today to see what was the results of the test. The doctor never called me. The doctor was out today and wouldn’t be back until Monday, so the staff asked the doctor that was there and he is most familiar with Mariana anyway. He has been her pediatrician since birth. This other doctor joined his group about a year ago now, but she is good too. Anyway, he had his staff tell me that I don’t have anything to worry about and that it looks like a severe case of constipation or “two other possibilities.” They wouldn’t tell me what the other two possibilities were until I made an appointment. I made it for Friday for she has a half a day at school and I didn’t want her to miss anymore days or hours at school. They did say that they need to put her on a “constipation program.”

She still has lots of stomach aches and sore throat. I don’t know how the sore throat plays in all this.

I will let you know if anything seriously is wrong with her, but for now nothing bad. Thanks again for the prayers and my daughter has asked, for she knows I write on the internet to you about her, if you could still pray for her. She said, “Tell them my tummy still hurts a lot mommy, I need Jesus to take it away.” She is a cutie and my little angel.


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