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A few days ago I asked for help on the topic on Faith vs. Faith AND works. Where the person I was debating used James 2 for his reasons (although this person only quoted one verse) Iasked for a few ideas from the people here and got some great help. So I posted multiple quotes from James2 From James2:14 through to James 2:26. It sort of worked. Even though I posted some thing like 12 verses .he accused me of taking James out of context :shrug:
He then went on to mention the thief on the cross as a case example how someone who did no works but is now in heaven. Now I know, that there are many cases in the bible where people have been saved or helped just by admitting Jesus as lord, the roman soldier as one example. But how would I explain to this him, that these cases were very special indeed? I know the first step and certainly the most important part is accepting Jesus as our lord and saviour?
p.s Is it true the chruch teaches that everyone goes through purgatory? I cannot recall ever being taught this. And is it mentioned in the bible?


Remind your contact that the “exception” does not establish the “rule.” This is simply a matter of common sense. Moreover, it may be a huge assumption on his part that the thief on the cross didn’t do anything. Afterall, he did stand up for Jesus against the other thief who was mocking Jesus. I’m not so sure that this kind of thing would go over well with the Romans either. There is always a possibility that they made his suffering even more miserable for having spoken up. Likewise, his continued suffering on the cross and the acceptance of his punishment may have also constituted a work.

Obviously, God’s grace was working in the good thief. Everything is by way of God’s grace including the repentence on the part of the good thief.

I hope this helps.


As a recent convert, I have a very good understanding of how protestants think. You will not convince these people by argument.

No, the church doesn’t teach that everyone goes through purgatory. The church does not place judgement, only Christ can do that. The majority of us, are not clean enough to enter straight into heaven, and will have to be cleansed first.

There will be people in heaven who have not done “good works”. The disabled, children, last minute (before death) conversions, etc… But for the rest of us, we should strive to do good works.

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