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I’m considering praying the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary and I have a question. I have the basic structure of the canonical hours down; but the question of the Office Of Readings is still perplexing me. Are the Readings to be done during the Daytime Prayers or are they part of Morning and Evening Prayers? Thanks ahead for any answers

I think they’re generally done before Morning Prayer, since you pray Psalm 95 with Morning Prayer if you haven’t already done so with the Readings.

Okay. So each Reading is done before the Morning Prayer; if I understand you right?

I think so. Not positive, but I think so. I’ve personally never prayed the Office of Readings before, so I don’t know how much my opinion is worth. :sweat_smile:

Okay. It’s at least a start.

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The Office of Readings consists of its opening verse, the hymn, and then three Psalms, and then the two readings, one from Scripture and the other from the Fathers and Saints. It may be done at any time of the day, but it is usually done before Morning Prayer (as it takes the place of the office of Vigils in the monastic reckoning).

So one could do this:

Office of Readings
Morning Prayer

all together.

Morning Prayer


and then later on in the day

Office of Readings
Daytime Prayer.

Or OoR could be joined the Evening prayer in the same manner.

Make sense?


Yeah, that does make sense. Thanks! Another thing that confuses me is that the OoR and the Daytime and Night Prayers have two separate sections: Two Daytime and two Night sections in my book. What should I make of it?

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