Little office of blessed virgin mary

Does anyone use this book for prayer ? I have just purchesed it and im a bit confused. Are the hyms supposed to be sung ? I see it has prayers for 7 days of the week. At the end of the book it has the Office of Readings . When am i supposed to read them ?

You read them at any time of the day. It is a mini divine office. With the divine office most people will do morning prayer and evening prayer and then do the office of readings sometime during the day. Same principle applies.

For example I try to do morning prayer around 10am
Evening prayer around 9-10pm.

Sometimes I will try to do the readings at lunch or if I’m running behind I’ll do them before my evening prayer.

I’m not traditional by any means by doing that. Find what works for your schedule.

Thanks for the reply. I imagine the hyms you dont sing just read them is fine. I see theres several morning prayers as well as evening prayers for each day. So i assume that your supposed to read all the morning prayers for each particular day or do you just pick one of the morning prayers or do you read all of them ?

The current Little Office encourages Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer. Hence seven different Offices per week. Office of Readings, Day Prayer, and Night Prayer are quite optional, although many would pray Night Prayer every night. (I just love that Psalm 91.)

I used to do the Little Office, before I went over to The Divine Office, and made a point to read Daytime Prayer once a week, usually on Saturday; and Office of Readings once a week, usually Sunday. Just doing those two once a week kept them fresh

The hymns are usually sung in group prayer. At home, by yourself, recitation is quite OK.

For those who do not have the time for the Divine Office, the Little Office is a wonderful resource.:thumbsup:

I have used this office. It is very similar to the Divine office and can be substituted for the Divine office occasionally in the Secular Franciscan Order.

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