Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Hey all…

I am so excited that I will be enrolled in the Brown Scapular today or tomorrow (its kind of up to the priest). The problem is that I cannot find a reputable place to print off the Little Office. If you google it, there are many that come up that are quite different in content and length. Where can I find the proper prayers so that I may properly show my devotion?

My DH & I recite parts of the Little Office daily. We use a book which we got at our local Catholic book store, cost us $8.95 each. It has all the prayers in it for Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer, and Night Prayer, as well as Daytime Prayers. We try to do the Morning, Evening, and Night Prayers daily. We’re not always successful!:o
Hope this helps you .


There are a number of somewhat different versions of the Little Office (although the basic elements are the same in each). It doesn’t matter which version you use for purposes of the Brown Scapular devotion, and I’m sure Our Lady is happy with all of 'em, so choose whichever appeals to you most.

I have a book as well - a more modern version. I’m not enrolled in the Scapular, but I use it during Our Lady’s month of May to honour her - with LOTH the rest of the time.

Thank you so much. I found (and purchased) “Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary” by Catholic Book Publishing at a local Catholic store yesterday. I love it already!

Yup! That’s the one we use, and we love it! Glad you found it.


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