Little Office of the BVM - Caritas edition

I was looking to buy a copy of the Little Office of the BVM because I want to start saying it in the New Year. I will probably buy a utilitarian copy for my daily use (the reprint of Benziger Brothers that also contains the Office of the Dead and is in English/ Latin looks useful and is cheap), but I found this illustrated one by Caritas in my search, and it’s just lovely.

Does anyone have/ use this edition?

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I have the Caritas version and the Baronius press Latin / English version. I purchased the caritas version because of how beautiful it is. The illumination and artwork is wonderful. It would be a nice book to have around. I’ve never actually prayed the office with it. The antiphons and psalms use traditional language and translations. I’m sure it would be a fine choice both for its appearance and to pray with. I personally pray the little office with the baronius edition because I value being able to see the Latin translations. I also like that it has ribbons and has a flexible leather cover. It’s more portable than the hard cover slightly larger Caritas edition.


Is the Baronius one you have the one with the Gregorian chant notation included also? That looked appealing as well.

Yes, it has the Gregorian notation for each of the hours in the back, including for the antiphons and hymns. It doesn’t have all the psalms written out with preps and accents etc like the Liber does, though, but it does tell you which mode.

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