Little Prayer for my Little Girl


We made the leap this year and put our oldest into the Catholic school at our parish. She spent Kindergarten in the public school and really loved it, had lots of friends, learned a lot, etc. HOwever, we really felt the call to have her in the Catholic school, so we enrolled her. Please pray that her transition is as smooth as possible. Academically, I am not too concerned…but the social aspects for girls can sometimes be difficult and I hope that she doesn’t suffer too much from this move.

PS: I guess I really think she will do fine, but like any mom, just don’t want anything bad to happen to her. :o


I’m sure she’ll be fine. Good for you for making the change. My daughter went from a public school (only b/c we lived in an area where there were no Catholic schools ) to a Catholic school (we moved) in the 4th grade.

She settled right in and now has some iron-clad friendships. :slight_smile:


I’ll pray for her. We are moving our girls next week too for the same reasons. So perhaps you could pray for them too. I just wish I had sent them to Catholic schools in the first place:o


I pray for your little girl and for you. I pray that you are comforted by Mary who was very concerned for the safety of Jesus. You are a great mom! God Bless you! Also, God Bless you and your family for making the decision to place your daughter in Catholic schools.


I’ll pray for you guys. I think she’ll be all right:)


Thank you…DH and I wish we had been in the same place a year ago and just put her in then, too. :o I suppose it’s better late than never!

PS: I will also pray for your girls and thank you.


The call to do so was overwhelming when I realized how hollow the reasons we had for not putting her in sounded as I told them to Monsignor. It’s amazing how clearly everything comes through when you are speaking to a good Godly person.


May all go smoothly for your daughter…
St. Rita pray for her


Praying for your daughter.


In the Living Prayer of my life


Praying for your daughter…


Praying here…:byzsoc:


Praying for her to make a smooth transition. My 4 year old grandaughter is starting pre-school in a week or so and I think she’s going to love it. Please pray for her and her 2nd grade brother who loves to play but doesn’t like homework.



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