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Anyone out there using the Little Saints Preschool Curriculum this year? If so, what has your experience been like so far? Likes, dislikes, etc. It has been fun so far for us. In our homeschool LIttle Saints program, we have two 3 year olds and one 2 year old. It seems like our group is still a little young for all the stuff recommended for each day. I would love to hear about other experiences with the program. Comments and suggestions for improvement are welcome.


If you have other parents helping out, it is do-able. I stopped using it because the program had a lot of prep work. Maybe I was just lazy.

I do have a friend who used Little Saints and liked it, although she did say it was a lot of work and really didn’t need to use all the suggested material.


Yes it does require a lot of prep work. It is forcing me to organize and manage my time better. I imagine the prep work I am doing now will make it easier when we repeat the program next year. I will have everything (the learning games, etc.) all ready to go!


I am using it for my 3rd year in a row. I started it when my oldest was 3. It helps when you aren’t already homeschooling older kids. Obviously, I really like it. The kids enjoy it even more. Yes it is ALOT of prep work, but I did some things to make it easier, and if you save your things, you can save a lot of time in the following year(s). This is what I did:

I decided that doing the full program “as is” was going to be too difficult (partly because I had other resources I also wanted to use). So I decided to only do every other lesson, and take 2 weeks to complete a lesson. The first year, I did odd numbered lessons with my son. Then the second year (last year) I did the even numbers, and my daughter who turned 3 that year joined in as well. This year, my son is now doing Kindergarten, but my daughter is in her second year of preschool. So she and i are repeating the odd numbered lessons in little saints (first time for her).

Also, I found that making copies of all the patterns was very time consuming. The first time around, I went through the book and labeled every pattern (in small letters next to the pattern #). I wrote “cs” if it needed to be on cardstock, and “1pc” or “2pc” if I needed one or 2 per child, etc… Then that first year, I photocopied all the patterns in one day making enough for both children. Now 3 years later, I haven’t had to do any copying since.

Oh, and after realizing how much money I could spend on the music that she recommends, I gave up on that. I have a small collection of good classical music that I play for the kids. Some of it is from her list, but it’s not nearly as extensive.

My personal favorite part of the program is the book lists. About a week or so before the lesson, I request all of the books on the list using my library’s online inter-library loan process. Then I just pick em up, and I don’t have to go scouring through all the junk at the library to find the gems that are in these lists. Big time saver too!


thy kingdom come, thanks for your input; very helpful to me:thumbsup:


Is this curriculum still available? The website is still up but we sent a money order in and our mail was returned to us. So we called and left our info over voicemail (as instructed by the LS business) but we haven’t had a charge yet on our credit card (this was over a week ago when we ordered over the phone). It’s a little frustrating as I was hoping to have started preschool with my daughter already and I had all my hopes on this program. There is no info on the website indicating that they are no longer selling their material. It’s all rather strange.

If anyone knows of any information regarding their status that would be helpful.


First of all, impressive - bringing back a 5yo thread! :wink:

Second, I can still see Little Saints available on the following websites (which, btw, are great resources for homeschoolers in general, and are reputable businesses):


Oh, great! Thanks! Glad to see other places carry it. My sister uses it and she seems to really like it. I’ve been really excited to start planning.


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