Little Sisters Facing Obamacare in U.S. Court: Don't Stop Our Ministry of Serving the Dying Poor

This religious order is protesting that they are being forced by the U.S. government between caring for the elderly poor and their faith. If they lose now in court and then do not sign off on their paying for contraception, sterilization, and abortion-causing drugs through obamacare, the government will make them pay millions in dollars in fines, money they raise for the aged poor.

A fine example of the scandal and lies surrounding the AHA as well as the myth that anything “progressive” helps the poor.

They’ll lose this case and there no doubts that the Supreme Court would rule against them. The purpose of the injunction granted by the Supreme Court was to grant them more time to fill out the form. If they don’t fill out the form then they still have to pay the penalty.

Law and order liberalism at its finest. :frowning: :mad:

This president doesn’t care about the good works of the Little Sisters.He would just as soon shut them down as to give them an exemption,regardless of the fact that they serve the indigent elderly.Part of the poor he claims to be soooooo concerned about.

If it’s the government helping, then it doesn’t really count.

All they have to do is fill out the form if they don’t want to pay the fine.

They cannot, and should not fill out the form. It’s evil to force them to violate their conscience. But you would have to believe in evil to fully understand just how abominable it would be for these Godly women to disobey their Lord. Besides, name one founding Father that would force these Sisters to do what Obama wants them to do.

It involves more than "the fine"Pretty sure you already know the real issue at hand.

:thumbsup: With you on that! :eek:

The only issue at hand is that they don’t really have a valid legal argument.

What form? Nevermind - found it. It seems the matter is not as you describe. From Investors Business Daily:*The case of the feisty nuns challenges a bizarre “accommodation” offered by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHS). Under its proposal, the Little Sisters can fill out a government form that notes their objection but that also gives the government authority to have someone else provide that coverage.

“What the government has done, and it’s a strange thing to do, is say, 'The only way we’ll accept our objection is if on the same piece of paper saying ‘I object’ you modify the plan to give someone else the authority to give out contraceptives on the plan,” Mark Rienzi, senior counsel for the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, said at a press conference following the oral arguments.

The Little Sisters argue that since it’s their action, the signing of the accommodation form that triggers the objectionable coverage is a distinction without a difference.*If the form includes permission to facilitate the objectionable coverage somewhere else, then I would think a reasonable person would have to admit this is offensive to their religious beliefs, and admit this is a disgraceful government invasion.

They have a valid moral argument.This obstinate president,would rather see the charitable good works of the Sisters,close down rather than capitulate to their well formed consciences.

Free contraceptive coverage doesn’t violate anyone’s conscience. No one is forcing the Little Sisters of the Poor to pay for it or even use it.

Uh huh…:rolleyes:

Care to elaborate?

You are pretty active on the forum,so I have no doubts that you are aware the Catholic position on contraception,I don’t need to elaborate,or debate this issue with you.

Just curious who you think is paying for this “free birth control”? Do you think it grows in the wild or perhaps the BC fairy drops it off?

Lets say you are a pacifist and a future government says that under the 2nd amendment employers must provide for a state militia by way of paying for ammunition for any of their employees. Since each employee will be allowed to chose the weapon best suited to their needs and practice requirements you may not put a limit on anything they purchase.

Would it be a violation of your creed to have to arm and continue to pay for the employee’s free ammunition?

Sure, and I also have no doubts that the mere existence of free contraceptive coverage isn’t a violation of Catholic doctrine and does not constitute a violation of conscience. What would be a violation of conscience would be forcing them to pay for or use it; neither of which is happening.

=EmperorNapoleon;12561687]Free contraceptive coverage doesn’t violate anyone’s conscience.

That would be like the government telling vegetarian restaurants to serve meat or face millions in fines, and that serving or eating meat doesn’t violate anyone’s conscience or beliefs----for we are the government, we are smarter than everyone else and we know best. :rolleyes:

No one is forcing the Little Sisters of the Poor to pay for it or even use it.


It’s not that simple. They wouldn’t be making an issue of this if it were.

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