Little sisters of the lamb


Is there anyone here who knows this community.
Perhaps discerning with them or knows someone who is
discerning with them?
Im trying to find out more about them but theres not much
about them on their website.
Wondering where their noviciat might be and what language
they speak among eachother as they happen to have started in france.


Yes, they have a new monastary in Kansas City, Kansas ( U.S.A. ) and the Little Brothers of the Lamb are building one here as well. Scroll down the page to Little Sisters of the Lamb.

They are a French order and their mother house is there, but you can contact them in K.C., Ks as well. They are quite conversant in the local languages where they have houses. Those in K.C., Ks speak English quite well.



Thanks for your reply.
Im actually not from the usa but from holland but i know
there are some sisters in germany just over the border from holland.
But my german isnt too good and my french is even worst haha
So im a little “afraid” to call them up.
Guess I just need to get over that and take a leap of faith. :slight_smile:


Hope u have taken the step!
God bless you!

Ave Maria!


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