Liturgiam Authenticam v. Liturgical Revolution

I was just reading an article originally printed in CRISIS magazine
about the Vatican’s Document Liturgiam Authenticam which attempts to ensure a more accurate translation of the Mass into English as well as the N.A.B over the objections of certain progressive members of the ICEL. Liturgiam Authenticam replaces a 1969 Document that permitted more dynamic and creative translations. In several articles I’ve read, some Liturgical progressives seem to be arguing that the strict norms being imposed on the ICEL by ROME on translation are departing from Liturgical reform of Vatican II. I for one am all for Liturgiam Authenticam.

Here is one article: ")

But isn’t this movement dead? I remember seeing that there was so much opposition to it, that it has been dereailed. Hopefully I’m mistaken- for I look forward to more conformity within the liturgy.

This website follows the situation pretty good.

The most recent status of the movement as of December 2004
is here

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