Liturgical Abuses depressing me

All these abuses I see and hear about really getting to me. Is there any hope? Even some bishops are commiting abuses. Why isn’t the Holy Father doing anything? Is there no hope?

I say to myself: “Jesus would be rolling over in His grave if He had one”. (Just a little humor to keep me sane.)

Seriously, is there no more respect for the sacraments among most Catholics?

Priests who commit abuses: Are they evil or just stupid?

Evil or stupid? No. Neglectful and simply overlooking things? Possibly.

Just as a side note, how could you put the words “priest” and “evil” in the same sentence? It’s quite offensive.

sorry, I cannot believe that when a priest has a clown read the gospel he is overlooking things. I can understand that if he misses a prayer, but not when he changes words, lets women in halter tops distribute communion, uses a glass chalice, replaces the crucifix with one of those resurrecifixes, etc…that is not overlooking things…that is true disobedience to the Church.


A priest commits an evil act when he abuses a child
. true or false

You failed to put these things in your original post. The things you said were “generally speaking” and not specific. I agree that he is disobeying the Church, but it doesn’t make him evil…that’s quite a strong word to just throw around. :wink:

Have you contacted your Bishop about this?

Originally Posted by **kangnamdragon**                     []("")                 
             *A priest commits an evil act when he abuses a child

. true or false*

Just because one commits an evil act does not make the person evil.

Just because one commits an evil act does not make the person evil.

I think the Serenity Prayer best expresses a good attitude here - nothing for it but to accept what you cannot change and try to change what you think you can.

I agree. One see’s a lot of people talking about it here especially. I guess I just tend to not think about it since I rarely ever see an abuse happening, I’m very lucky that I live in a place where it isn’t abundant. I definitely feel sorry for those who have to witness it regularly.

I wonder if the Pope is aware of all of this and maybe he feels like it’s out of his hands and there’s nothing he can do to enforce the “right way”?..not sure.

I cannot feel that the pope thinks anything is out of his hands. With God he can do anything.

I am not sure the Serenity Prayer is appropriate here because I think there are things we do have the power to change if we can.

I think these types of abuses are far less common than armchair popes on the Internet would claim. I have been a Catholic for 22 years and while I have witnessed some (just once) stretching the “Spirit of VII” to the limits… I haven’t seen any outright abuses.

The local Ordinary has more power in his own diocese than the Pope does. He is in communion with the Pope in matters of faith and morals. The Pope can replace him though.

I have visited many parishes in different states while traveling and I would say that I have seen abuses in more than 50% of them.

But but … that’s exactly what the Serenity Prayer says - ‘God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, **the courage to change the things I can **and the wisdom to know the difference’ :confused:

Could it be that you are focusing/searching for abuses during the Mass rather than focusing on the real reason why you’re there? Just wondering.

yes…but if there weren’t so many, I would not
be distracted

I can’t help but laugh at your post, but it’s also saddening.

well, I believe in honesty.

Is there an orthodox priest here that can give advice to all of us who are frustrated like me?

You can go to the “Ask an Apologist” forum and write to Fr. Serpa.

All these abuses I see and hear about really getting to me. Is there any hope?

I really feel your pain. I have been in the same “depressed” state about the condition of the Church here in the Pacific Northwest for some time. God finally brought me some relief when He led me to the one truly traditional Parish in the whole city but I recently had to move an hour away from that Church and the search for a new one left me so despondent that I actually did not go to Mass for two weeks. And this is what I learned:

I was putting my “feelings” about the way the Mass was celebrated before Christ.
I was sacrificing my entire relationship to my Lord because priests and congregants were doing things wrong.
I was depriving myself of being in Christ’s presence and receiving His peace and grace because I was too “upset” about the state of things.
I was allowing the devil to convince me that it was acceptable to be so mad at the Church that I would sacrifice my relationship to Christ.
I finally realized that I am not in charge: If Christ is really upset with the state of our Church, HE will do something about it. How could I be more upset than God?

However, I did write letters to the Bishop, went to Confession, spoke with my priest and spiritual director and searched until I finally found a Church with a solid Liturgy. You must persevere and remember that we do what we can, and the rest is up to God. If and when He has had enough, He will fix it.

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