Liturgical Behavior- responsibility of priest


I posted earlier concerning EMHC’s who “call” recipients
by name. I did ask around and of the EMHC’S as to
why they do this and the answer was that a priest
they had ten years ago did this. Pointing out that
they are not priests but lay was met with stony
silence and the practice continues.
I know in many Eastern churches still today the
area behind the doors-altar- are reserved for the
priest only who also gives Communion on a spoon
and does use your name- in fact if a stranger to
the priest giving your name to the priest is the norm.
But in Roman Rite we have EMHCs pretty much
adopting this priestly norm of name knowing
and calling.
The second point is the calling of the children to
the altar for the Our Father. So we all wait for the
children of various ages to hem and haw and
then run, walk or be carried up behind the table
amidst much cooing and laughing along with their
parents or whoever. At one point my husband was
up there with his badly behaved two year old granddaughter
who was actively being insulted by the six year
old next to her refusing to take her hand cause
she was “a baby.” they stay til fter the sign of peace
and it is the norm in our parish although my husband
has decided to not do this again.
My question is this- at what point is the responsibility
to achieve rubric/liturgical norms stop with the
pastor? Suggestions to me by others have been:
talk to the EMHC then skips straight to abandoning
the parish for another.
To me none of this stuff is serious enough to get
me out the door- just somewhat distracting snd
irritating because I am now taking picture prayer
cards to help me focus on whose Presence we
are addressing. This is not a charismatically high
octane parish by any means.
At what point does priestly responsibility
start and end?
Thank you.


None of these things are called for in the General Instruction. The only norm for the Our Father is that the people stand. There is no mandate for the people holding or raising hands, for kids surrounding the altar, or any other 1970’s touchy-feely invention. Likewise, the only thing an Extraordinary Minister says to a communicant is “The Body of Christ” or “The Blood of Christ,” to which the communicant responds “Amen.”


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