Liturgical Calendar

Im curious to know which Protestant denominations follow a liturgical calendar? I believe Lutheran, Episcopalian, and Methodist but are there others?

Presbyterians often do as well. I’ve even seen Baptist congregations that talk about things like Advent and Lent, and use liturgical colors, although they are few and very far between.

How much of an observance of such things occurs is mainly a function of the sensibilities of the individual pastor and his/her congregation. There are ‘high-church’ elements in almost every mainstream Protestant denomination. You might find a Methodist church on one side of town whose pastor celebrates communion wearing a stole and chasuble of the appropriate liturgical colors; across town, a more ‘low-church’ Methodist congregation might have their pastor wear a black choir robe, or simply not bother with vestments at all. The same is true of the liturgical calendar.

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