Liturgical Calender

Which NC churches use the liturgical calender? I’ve realized that was one of my reasons for coming back to the CC two years ago. It was one of the things “missing” for me in the non-denoms I attended in the past.

I sometimes feel that if the anti-Catholics out there sincerely researched the CC & saw how we truly “know” Jesus throughout the year with our focus on the mysteries of His birth, life, death & resurrection that they would maybe have an “a-ha” moment? Maybe that’s just my wishful thinking? :shrug:

I will say though that I was pleasantly surprised to see this year that some of our local non-denoms were having their own version of Lent this year (some advertising on hwy. billboards). They didn’t call it “Lent”, but the concept was there…

The Anglican church uses the liturgical calendar. Not sure if it’s exactly the same as ours, but I know that on weekdays they do include readings from the Apoccrypha somtimes. A Presbyterian friend of mine uses the Anglican liturgical calendar for his daily readings to get a balanced diet from his Bible reading.

Lutherans, Anglicans, Methodists. Probably a few more.

In fact, many n-C Churches use the Revised Common Lectionary, so that the scripture readings a Catholic hears at Sunday Mass on any given Sunday are the same readings many non-Catholics hear as well.


Anglicans actually have hung onto the original form of the Kalender which counts the weeks following the Epiphany and the weeks that follow Pentecost as well; instead of just merely calling them ordinary time which is altered in form from the original.

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