Liturgical Cards

I’ve heard the Motu Proprio is to be released July 9th. If that is so, will it look like this (on trading card terms)?

Of course, it is an equip card to…



Wait… is that going to be a booster pack for the “Redemption” game? :smiley:

I don’t know about you, but my bet is that these cards will be in hot demand when the MP comes out

Liturgical cards? You mean the laminated plastic sheets that we altar boys had in front of us on the steps of the altar? How many of them are around, I wonder?

I used one of those until I memorized the prayers. Complete with phonetic spelling under the words to the prayers.

Really Hot demand, that’s for sure (I really hope so). :slight_smile:

Just remove the scary “spell” bit on the first image.


Unfortunately, i couldn’t do that easily since the card maker I made those images from only have three types or something. I hope someone with Photoshop here could make a better version of that card. :frowning:

Here’s the Tridentine card:

Hey… nice pic!

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