Liturgical concern


I just attended Mass, I observed so many things regarding liturgy and I was disturbed if were those things okay in liturgy or not.

  1. Sacristans did not wear their proper vestments, instead a green “year of the youth” shirt.
  2. Psalm is okay to be sung. but there were 2 psalmist, the other one was on the lectern (altar of the word) but the other one was on the podium of the commentator.
  3. choir singing alleluia with more than 2 verses (like a regular song and Alleluia as the chorus)
  4. Eucharistic prayer sung by the presiding priest like a musical (from holy holy music continues until the consecration of the wine and after consecrating the bread the choir sang but I didn’t understand the words because it was overpowered by the music. same happened after consecrating the wine).
  5. (I think it is no longer part of the Mass but.) recessional song turned out a sing and dance presentation of the youth ministry.

what can you say about these things?


I’d say take it to the priest or pastor, unless you’re just looking for affirmation here.


I don’t understand alli of what you’re trying to say. Of the ones I do understand, sacristans don’t wear vestments and it’s perfectly fine to chant the Mass.

Talk to the priest if you have concerns.


chant is different from a musical type of singing…


No one has “proper vestments” except the clergy - bishop, priest, deacon. Even altar servers are not required to vest.

Not an issue.

Not an issue.

The singing is fine, but there should be no instrumental music during the Eucharistic Prayer and no choir.

The recessional is not part of the Mass.


You are making a mountain out of a molehill. What you mention are no issues at all.


There are no “proper vestments” for sacristans.

I do not see any problem with this.

I suspect that the Eucharistic Prayer was not done like a “musical”. The priest can sing the Eucharistic Prayer but not with music. It is not clear where the choir sang so I won’t comment on that.

Not, strictly, part of the Mass. It is already over by then. I’m no fan of dancing in the liturgy but it seems to me it’s a grey area as to whether it’s permitted or not.


I don’t see any concerns here. Focus on the main event, Jesus, and not the peripheries.




OP, are you confusing sacristans with altar servers? Sacristans generally work in the background, setting things up and so on, and aren’t on public display during Mass.

Altar servers are on display and usually wear an alb or cassock plus cotta over their clothes, but it’s only a custom. At weekday Masses, an adult member of the congregation comes up to do the job of an altar=server, but just wears his or her normal clothes.


I don’t know why you replied to me. I am not the OP.


Does this occur at neighboring parishes? Does it occur when the bishop or a substitute priest visits?

We note that at the home parish, the novelties seem to subside when a different priest or the bishop is celebrating Mass.


It doesn’t sound like there are any “novelties” occurring that need to “subside”.


Sorry! I absentmindedly clicked on ‘reply’ in the messages, rather than the ‘reply’ under the box, if you see what I mean.


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