Liturgical Conference in Houston

For those in the Houston area, there will be a magnificent liturgical conference put on by the Society for Catholic Liturgy.

Here is the PDF:

The conference will cover a wide array of topics including Sacred Music, architecture, the Sacraments and the Roman Missal. The highlight of the conference will be a special presentation made by Fr. Uwe Michael Lang, a staff member of the CDWDS and one of the consultors to the Office of Liturgy for the Supreme Pontiff.

On Friday evening, the participants will be at Mass with His Eminence, Daniel Cardinal DiNardo.

Yours truly will be in attendance, God willing, and, if allowed by CAF, will post on the subject matter. I will also be reporting through my blog. Given the fact that Fr. Lang is one of my heroes, I am personally looking forward to meeting him and listening to his presentation.

If you hear anything about incorporating Sacred Music into a modern Mass setting, I’d be interested.

God willing, I plan on attending the talks on Sacred Music and, of the course, the presentation by Fr. Lang.

You do raise a good question and, if given the opportunity, I would like to ask it at the conference.

The official songbook of the Roman Catholic Church for the Ordinary Form is still the Graduale Romanum

The St John Cantius Fathers let their choirs sing it either in both forms of the Mass

While I am excited about the conference, I do find it rather overwhelming. The caliber of speakers is impressive, moreso than some of the ones from the FDLC (with the exception of Francis Cardinal Arinze, Bishop Serratelli and Msgr. Moroney) and the SWLC.

I am quite excited, though. It will be a huge learning experience.

I will be looking forward to your reports. It sounds exciting!

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